Bjarne Holen

Open standards?

Some disturbing news have come to my attention lately; it hasn't exactly been broadcast, but in short: UIO has decided to go with the most expensive, least compatible mail-server on sale, with dubious reasoning to back it up.

Funding research

A public research institution should not buy software which:

  1. Violate open standards
  2. Has poor performance
  3. Has closed source/protocols (vendor lock-in)
  4. Gives unfair advantage to one company
  5. Is worse than our current (free) software
  6. Is incompatible with most client software
  7. Is incompatible with our server software
  8. Is expensive and irremovable once installed
  9. Leaks user data like a sieve

when there are other/better alternatives available.

if ( you agree ) {

["mailing", "list"].join(); // click join

goto SIGN_THE_PETITION; // click to sign it

} else {

raise Exception("unreachable statement");