Kristen Nygaard, Peter Naur, Ole-Johan Dahl.
Caption:Kristen Nygaard, Peter Naur, Ole-Johan Dahl discussing the Delta system description language.
Location:Skogen, Røros.
Photographer: Petter Håndlykken.
Rights:Copyright © 1974 Petter Håndlykken. Available under CC BY.
Source:Estate of Kristen Nygaard / Marius Nygaard.
Dimensions:3470 × 2273 px.

The proceedings from this seminar is published in: Fjellheim, R., Håndlykken, P. and Nygaard, K., (1974). Report from a Seminar on System Description at “Skogen”, Røros. Norwegian Computing Center, Publication S-65. Oslo 1974.