Excursion on Thursday afternoon

On Thursday afternoon, there will be an excursion.

The afternoon session will end at 14:20, after which we will travel to the museum island (OK, peninsula) Bygdøy by bus.

From about 15:00 to 16:00, we will be shown around "folkemuseet", an open air museum of cultural history, where we will see some traditional Norwegian architecture, including an ancient stave church

Gol stavkirke

After this, we will walk a short distance to the Viking ship museum, where we will have about 45 minutes. We then walk (possibly take the bus) to the quay at Bygdøynes, where a boat is waiting for us.


From about 17:30 to 19:00 we will enjoy a boat tour on the Oslo fjord with its many beautiful islands, ending at Hvalstrandbad, the location of the restaurant for our conference dinner.

SULT resturant at Hvalstrandbard

At about 23:00, the busses will drive us back into town, passing by Hotel Gyldenløve and the student accommodation at Kringsjå.

'Little excursion' on Tuesday evening

We will stop the technical sessions a little earlier on Tuesday afternoon. We want to give those who arrived on Tuesday some time to get rid of their luggage. At 17:00, we will meet at Majorstua station, near Hotel Gyldenløve, at this spot.

We will then take a walk through Frongerparken, a famous park full of statues by the Norwegian sculptor Vigeland.


From there, we will continue to the Town Hall, where there will be a reception at 19:00.

We intend to bring some food along which you can eat while walking, so we don't arrive completely starved at the reception.

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