Registration is now open, also for FTP!

Early Registration

Early registration (and registration for student accommodation) is open until Sunday, 7 June, which is a few days after FTP notification. After this, registration for the conference will still be possible, but at a higher price.


Early registration is now closed, and we have increased the prices to compensate for the effort of last-minute changes.

Prices in Norwegian Kroner (NOK) for Tableaux, FTP, and the Tableaux Workshops are as follows:

Tableaux only38002300
Extra dinner&excursion800800
FTP only1500900
Workshops only1300800
  • "Tableaux only" includes attendance at the three Tableaux workshops, the Tableaux dinner and excursion, but not the FTP dinner.
  • "Tableaux+FTP" includes attendance at the three Tableaux workshops and both the FTP and Tableaux dinners and Tableaux excursion.
  • "FTP only" includes attendance at the three Tableaux workshops, but only the FTP dinner.
  • "Workshops only" includes the FTP dinner (or possibly a separate workshop dinner), but not the Tableaux dinner and excursion.
  • "Extra dinner&excursion" is to be paid for accompanying partners, etc.

For your orientation, this corresponds approximately to the following prices in Euro (EUR)

Tableaux only427259
Extra diners&excursion9090
FTP only169101
Workshops only14690

Student Rates

Graduate (PhD) and undergraduate students can register at the reduced rates given above. If you do so, please ask your supervisor to send a mail confirming your student status to the PC chairs!

Student Accommodation

It is now no longer possible to reserve student accommodation!

We can offer student accommodation for 1500 NOK (about 170 EUR) for the whole week. Of course this does not include breakfast, etc., and you are living in flats with several rooms sharing a kitchen and bathroom, located in "Sogn Studentby". Hotels in Oslo are expensive, so if you have a tight budget this might be the thing for you. To make use of this offer, you have to

  • Say so during the registration (either via Epay or via mail, see the registration page)
  • send a mail saying you would like student accommodation to Espen Lian, elian (at), and say from when to when you will need it
  • do this not later than Sunday, 7 June

NEW: the price of 1500NOK is actually for two weeks, the week of the conference and the one before that. The room is available from Monday, 29 June to Sunday, 12 July. It is also possible to book an extra week after the conference, but for an additional 875 NOK. Please let us know if you're interested!

Invited Speakers

Invited speakers of Tableaux, the Tableaux workshops, and FTP do not need to pay the conference/workshop fees. To make sure we have your complete contact information, dietary restrictions, etc., please send a mail to the PC chairs (but not to Anne Cathrine Modal) as described in the section on registration by mail.

Registration by Epay

Unfortunately, Epay is the only online payment solution supported by the University of Oslo, and it has a few quirks you should be aware of before you click on the link below:

  • The payment solution works via either MasterCard SecureCode or Visa ("Verified by Visa"). If you do not have either a Master or Visa card, please refer to the section on registration by mail
  • The payment solution does not work for credit cards issued in the Americas, including the US. We don't really know about other non-European continents. So, non-European residents, please refer to the section on registration by mail
  • All prices on the registration and payment pages are in Norwegian Kroner (NOK). So, when asked to "pay 3600", be assured that your card will not be charged that many EUR or US$.

That being said, click here for the

Registration by mail

Please send a mail to Anne Cathrine Modahl <annecmo (at)> with CC to Martin Giese <martingi (at)> with subject "Tableaux 2009 registration" and containing the following information (required fields marked with *):

First name*:
Last name*:


E-mail address*:

Cell phone:

Student rates [Y/N]:

Registration for Tableaux only (3800/2300 NOK):
Registration for FTP only (1500/900 NOK):
Registration for Tableaux+FTP (4500/2500 NOK):
Registration for Tableaux workshops only (1300/800 NOK):
Number of extra participants for dinner/excursion (@ 800 NOK):

Dietary restrictions:

You will then receive an invoice with payment instructions by conventional mail.

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