Travel and location

All of the places in the city centre mentioned in this text are marked on the Tableaux 2009 Google map.

From the airport to the Central Station

First you need to get to the city centre. This text describes how to get from Oslo international airport to Oslo Central Station. If you arrive Oslo by a different port getting to Oslo S. should be straight-forward. Oslo S. is situated in the dead centre of Oslo.

If you arrive by plane to the international airport in Oslo, Oslo Airport Gardermoen, the easiest way to get to the city centre and the Central Station Oslo S. is by the Airport Express Train. The Airport Express Train leaves approx. every 10 min. from the airport train terminal which is located in the far end of the airport, only 5 min. walk from the baggage claim. The fare costs NOK 170 one way. Use the ticket vending machines located in the train terminal area to avoid additional fees. You can also just swipe your credit card in the ticket stalls to the train terminal area. A student fare is NOK 85. To buy a student ticket you need to use a ticket vending machine. During regular hours there will be Airport Express Train personnel in the train terminal area to help you if necessary.

It is also possible to go by regular trains operated by the national railway company NSB which is cheaper, approx. NOK 100 for a regular fare. Get your ticket in the ticket booth in the train terminal area.

From the Central Station to Gyldenløve hotel or Kringsjå Studentby

To get to Gyldenløve hotel from the Central Station Oslo S. to take tram no. 11 or no. 19 direction Majorstuen from outside the railway station. Get off at the tram stop Rosenborg. The hotel is just a few metres up the road on the other side of the tram stop.

To get to Kringsjå Studentby from Oslo S. use the subway station at Oslo S., follow signs marked "T" to get there. Take subway no. 3 to Kringsjå. Kringsjå studentby and building "OMT 28", address "Olav M. Troviks vei 28" and where you will stay, is on the other side of the tracks. A poster will be put up on the subway station to guide you to where to go an pick up your key and find your room.

Buying a "week card" is the cheap and easy way to pay for public transportation for the entire duration of the conference. This card is valid for one person seven days on all regular public transportation in the city area, meaning buses, trams, subway and boats(!) travelling within the city area during daytime. (All locations mentioned on this page, except the airport, are located in the city area.) The week card costs NOK 200. The week card and other tickets, e.g. single fare tickets, are sold in most regular convenience stores, like "Narvesen" or "Seven Eleven". All tickets need to be stamped once and once only before they are used. Stamp machines are found on trams and when entering subway platforms. If you use a bus, you'll need to ask the bus driver to stamp the ticket.

If you prefer to go by taxi there is big taxi terminal at the central station. Follow the signs to get there. The vast majority of taxis are honest and clean -- and expensive!! Any taxi fare will at least cost you NOK 150.

From your accommodation to the conference

To get to the conference from Gyldenløve hotel walk to Majorstuen subway station and take subway no. 3, 4 or 5 to Blindern subway station. From here the conference area is just a minutes walk away. If you fancy walking, the conference area is approx. 30 min. walk from Gyldenløve hotel.

From Kringsjå Studentby take subway no. 3 to Blindern subway station and walk to the conference area.

To Brasserie France

On Monday there will be a dinner at the Brasserie France restaurant. To get there take a subway to Stortinget subway station. (Stortinget is the parliament building.) Any subway no. will do, they all go by this station as long as you go in the direction towards the city centre.

To Town hall

On Tuesday there will be a reception in Oslo town hall. Take the subway to Nationaltheateret subway station, any subway no. will do. From here walk towards the waterfront. The town hall is the big red-brick building overlooking the waterfront. Entrance is on the waterfront side.

If you choose to walk to Frognerparken after session 3, the easy way to get to town hall is by tram no. 12 direction Kjelsås. The tram leaves approx. every 10 min. right outside the main entrance to the park and takes you to the waterfront just by the town hall, tram stop Aker brygge.

How to get home again

To get to the Central Station and the airport, just follow the same route you came in the opposite direction. Train tickets to the Airport Express Train may be bought by the platform area. You'll need a valid ticket to get off the train and into the airport area. Train tickets to the regular train may be bought from the ticket booths or vending machines located in the middle of the Central Station.


Tourist information

Oslo is lovely during summer and has a lot of tourist sites to offer. You find a tourist information centre in Trafikanten just outside the Central Station.

  • Visit Oslo is official web site for tourist information in Oslo.
  • The Oslo card is "the easiest and most inexpensive way to experience Oslo! The Oslo Pass provides free travel on all public transport, free admission to museums and sights, free parking in all Oslo municipal car parks, discounts on car hire, ice skate hire, Tusenfryd Amusement Park etc." 1/2/3 days passes for NOK 220/320/410.
  • to check out the weather in Oslo.
  • Currency Converter - OANDA, tailored for NOK and some of our participants' favourite currencies!
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