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How to enable automatic "smart dimensions" in SW
  • Mark on: Tools(menu) - Options - System Options(tab) - Sketch - Enable on screen numeric input on entity creation - Create dimention only when value is entered

------------------------- From 2016 ------------------------------

Regarding the Catmull Clark subdivision part, how do we add new vertices/edges to the Blender cube? And are we supposed to label all the vertices as the text.pdf file illustrates
  • The already subdivided (but not Catmull Clark smoothed) Blender cube contains all vertices/edges/faces you need, so you do not have to generate new data structures in Blender, only adjust the position of each vertex by the Python console command bpy.data.scenes[0].objects[0].data.vertices[k].co.y = ? (for the k-th vertex, Y coordinate). No labeling are required, only a demonstration for the TA on how to Catmull Clark adjust the vertices, by pasting your code directly in to Blender. The current Y position of vertex k can be found by bpy.data.scenes[0].objects[0].data.vertices[k].co.y. Remember to be in "Object mode"

------------------------- From 2015/2014 ------------------------------

Why do you use the older 2013 version of SolidWorks?
  • We have several quite expensive plugins that we have to update each time SolidWorks release a new version. This process is time consuming and we have to negotiate new agreements and so on. The 2015 version do not contain anything new that we really need :)
How to fix the dreaded "partly selected extrusion symbol" without having to delete your work.
  • I finally found a way, it is actually very simple, but I normally avoid the problem myself by checking all extrusions immediately after they are made. Well - here is the solution
I have problem logging into "ifiserv-631.ifi.uio.no" for checking 3D print toolpaths, is the server open for all INF4500 students?
  • Yes, it is open for all INF4500 students. According to Yngve Hafting, you may try:
    • Use "UIO\username" in stead of "username"
    • Use only "ifiserv-631" or "ifiserv-631.uio"
    • Log in from a different server on the client net, by VPN (not web VPN) or remote desktop
    • Contact Yngve Hafting
Can you recommend a good SolidWorks video tutorial on the net?
  • There are so many to choose from, and it is difficult to make a fair ranking order. But first of all, I would divide them into
    • Beginner/intro tutorials: When it comes to this category, I think the conclusion must be that you should just start with the first you find at YouTube: "solidworks tutorial beginner ...", if you like it, and understand it - keep on watching it, otherwise take the next one. Watching a lot of videos describing the same thing form different angles may be a good way to learn.
      • A very throughout video tutorial set can be found at Wiley
    • More advanced tutorials: When you get more advanced, you will probably get tired of long, slow videos with a lot of talking and pauses, particularly if what you are looking for is just a small detail - but to get it you have to go trough a hour of "small talk". When you are at this level it may be better to have a look at the INF4500 SolidWorks selected topic slides where the concept is more "to the point", with just some keyword describing the topic and a corresponding very short video. I hope it works.
Why are the lecture notes password protected on the web
  • Main reason: An important part of this course is design, and many of the lecture notes are quite "juicy" with inspirational pictures of 3D robot design made by other artists. To better comply with "fair use" I have decided to limit the availability of the material. Password is given out on the first lecture.
I am used to SketchUp, can I use SketchUp instead of SolidWorks in INF4500?
  • I am afraid the answer must be no, for many different reasons. In INF4500 we focus on various fundamental 3D modelling concepts, and these concepts are covered by SolidWorks/PowerSurfacing. We will also work with various kind of simulations - FEM, physics, vibrations, thermal, and so on - all covered by SolidWorks. In addition I do not offer any supervision in other programs than SolidWorks/PowerSurfacing/Blender. We have also mixed experience with people trying to print STL files made in various other CAD programs on our printers, (many time-consuming kind of polygon STL printer problems may occur). So - I would just have seen it from the "bright " side - mastering more than one CAD program is actually useful in many cases :)
Why is there a limit on the number of students in INF4500
  • The limit of 16 students is given by hardware/lab limitations. Since INF4500 is a practical project based course, we need to keep this limit.
Do you recommend using Wikipedia as a reference for information in INF4500
  • An article on Wikipedia may change over time and we have no guarantee for its correctness. However Wikipedia may be an excellent starting place for further research. If you find an article on Wikipedia that makes you better understand the lecture notes - use it and be happy, otherwise just use it as a starting point..
Which book is INF4500 based on
  • The syllabus in INF4500 is covered by the teaching notes, and these are handed out (in paper) at each lecture, and are available on request for INF4500 students. The main (reference) is Mastering CAD/CAM", this book is a good reference for some of the important parts of the syllabus, however it is expensive and do only cover the syllabus partly, so if you choose to by it or not - it is up to you.
  • A compete compendium of last years teaching notes will be given out for free on the first lecture

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