ROBIN build machines

  • 3 axis Robin build, BabyMill, mostly 3D printed, stepper, Arduino
  • 3 axis Robin build, MegaMill, high precision, for milling most material up to steel, locally CNC machined on ICP4300, stepper, Arduino, will be finished V2015
  • 3 axis Robin student build (Torjus Spilling), Torjus, based on standard coordinate tables, stepper
    • Brass milling by Torjus Spilling demo
  • 3 axis Robin build, MidiMill, stepper, Arduino
    • Foam milling by Stefan Meiforth Gulbrandsen, Oyvind Kallevik Grutle and Stian Selbek (alphabetical order) (INF4500) demo
  • 5-axis Robin build foam / teaching milling machine running Fanuc G68.2 (TWP), and G43.5 (TCP)
  • 3 axis Robin build router for INF4500-H15, SW
  • 3/4 axis original China made manual milling machine, automated by ROBIN , BLDC, regulated DC, stepper - Arduino Due
  • 3 axis Robin build (Oyvind Kallevik Grutle) modified Torjus Spilling machine. Rapid Prototyping tray system by Thomas Benjaminsen
  • Student made 5 axis FDM 3D printer by Oyvind Kallevik Grutle. Reduced need for support material, new surface finish potential. Article
    • Fanuc G68.2 Tilted Work Plane (TWP), and G43.5 Tool Center Point (TCP) based G-code operation. Stepper motors/worm gear

Commercial machines at the ROBIN lab

  • 3/4 axis router ICP4300
    • SolidWork/HSMworks milling - demo (use full screen to see all details)

FFI, prototypverkstedet - 5 axis machines

General 5 axis milling - example videos

CNC overview - some web resources