Expert panel demo

  • Fully functional robot - 9. May - 15.00, preparations will start at 12.15
Demo: 9. May - 15.00: Robin area
  • Physical demonstration of all walkers for an expert panel for final approval of project 1
  • Be prepared for questions about the project - overall ideas, technical solutions, problems, experiences... There is no absolute requirement for passing this demonstration. The panel will have a look at all kinds of factors regarding the effort you have put into the project. As an example: a technically advanced, over-optimistic solution that are almost able to walk may do very well :)
  • Robin area
  • No carpet will be on the floor
  • Dynamixel power/connections and a Windows laptop/UBS memory stick will be present
  • Pneumatic solenoids, hoses and the Arduino breadboard will be mounted to the central rod
  • The central hub will be raised in the Z direction to fit your robot if needed
  • There may be an audience present
Expert panel

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