Projects, INF4500 - 2017

Project work:

  1. Students can choose to design the 3 projects either individually or in project groups of 2 students. Subproject 1A, and 2C must be done and submitted individually
  2. We only have 5 PCs and Dynamixel communication sets in the lab, therefore maximum 5 project groups can be active at the same time, otherwise people must bring their on PCs
  3. The lab will be open on a daily basis for project work. Remember to lock the door when you are the last to leave
  4. Supervising will only be offered at the following times:
    • Mondays 14.15-16.00
    • Tuesdays 14.15-16.00
  5. Project 1: each project group will receive and sign ut 6 Dynamixel servos. The group will be responsible for these servos during the project period.
  6. If you need a project partner just send our teaching assistant (gruppelærer) an email and we will try to organize you into a new project group
  7. Passwords for the web pages will be given at the first lecture, individual passwords for project submission will be sent by email as soon as your project group is registered.
Access to the door at room: 4112 / 4th floor
  1. Our lab responsible Yngve Hafting wants to meet each one of you before he will give you access to the electronic door lock. For any questions about access or lab regulations - please contact him directly.
Inspirational mechanical/topological examples:

Project groups and deliveries

Project groups with delivery status, opload pages and submission requirements.

Projects with submission dates

Project submissions for project 1a, 1b and 1c must be presented by the corresponding group members in plenum at the following lectures: 1a - 7.2, 1b and 1c - 28.3 (ca. 5 minutes for each group). During/after the presentation feedback is given and a technical discussion may be initiated to enhance the collective learning process

In the list bellow: "Soft deadline" means recommended deadline - what you should aim for to distribute the workload in a manageable way. Deadline in red means absolute deadline for submission to get the project approved in Devilry.

Project 1: Legged walker. (text.pdf)

  • A: 3D print of robot toe. CAD-NURBS with SolidWorks. (Individual work).
    • Deadline: 7.2.2017
  • B: 3D print and casting of robot silicon toe sole. CAD-NURBS with SolidWorks.
    • Soft deadline: 14.2.2017, Deadline: 9.5.2017
  • C: Assembly and physics simulation of the complete legged robot. CAD-NURBS/[SubD] by SolidWorks [and Blender].
    • Soft deadline: 28.2.2017, Deadline: 9.5.2017
  • D: 3D print and physical assembly of complete legged robot.
    • Soft deadline: 14.3.2017, Deadline: 9.5.2017
  • E: Single Dynamixel servo (joint mode) run. Processing (Java) programming.
    • Deadline: 9.5.2017
  • F: Full robot walking demonstration for expert panel. Processing programming.
    • Deadline: 9.5.2017

• Dynamixel configuration examples

• Tips and tricks

• Dynamixel templates

• Expert panel demonstration

Project 2: (sun glasses) - Freeform design. (text.pdf) (There will be some modifications to the assignment in 2017)

  • C: Mixed subdivision/NURBS freeform artwork. (Individual work). - [Blender] + PowerSurfacing + SolidWorks.
    • Deadline: Obligatorisk del går ut

Prosjekt 3 går ut

Project 3: - Computer numerical control (CNC) 3-axis (There will be some modifications to the assignment in 2017)

  • A: Manual stepper motor control. Arduino C++ programming. All stepper motors (X,Y,Z axes) must be able to run in both directions. Arduino template.
    • Soft deadline: 16.5.2017, Deadline: 23.5.2017
  • B: Practical 3-axis milling. We will use SolidWorks / HSMworks to do practical milling in plastic (maybe also aluminium/brass). The Fanuc G-code from HSMworks can be filtered by the Processing pure G01 filter to fit the CNC controller. It is up to the students what to make, but it must be realistic to run on a 3-axis CNC machine in the context of this course.
    • Deadline: 23.5.2017

• EasyDrive home page

• Arduino Duemilanove home page

• Stepper motor home page

• Project 3 breadboard

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