An Internet Routing Visualization Tool (irvtool)

The irvtool is a simple, open source Java program to "play" with routing mechanisms. The goal is to illustrate the dynamics of routing (in particular, distance vector routing) in an intuitive and easily comprehensible manner.

Download: (updated with bugfixes on 30 April 2008)
This requires Java to be installed. On any platform (Windows, Linux, ..), run the program with "java -jar irvtool-extended.jar".

The tool is open source. The source code is included in the above archive; feel free to do whatever you want with it (and if you fix a bug or do something really cool to it, please let me know :-) ).

If you run into any trouble with the tool, you may want to try the older version, which does not have as many features as the new one for link state routing; it is also included in the archive.


The first version of IRVTool was written by Christian Sternagel for his bachelor thesis , which is the most comprehensive basic documentation.

Also, there is the readme file and this German introduction document to get you started.

The documentation mentions an example scenario file, which you can obtain from here.

This paper also describes the tool and presents student feedback:
Michael Welzl, Muhammad Ali: "Teaching Routing with IRV-Tool", Proceedings of the International Conference on Interactive Computer Aided Learning (ICL 2006), 26-28 September 2006, Villach, Austria.

The irvtool was later extended by Philipp Gschwandtner, who added features for link state routing. He did this for his bachelor thesis , which is the only available documentation of the extensions.

Last update: 30. April 2008
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