Package absynt

Class Summary
Absynt Abstract class to provide coordinates and locations.
Action Class for sfc actions.
Assign An assignment-statement as part of the simple assignment language
B_expr binary expressions
BoolType Type for booleans.
Constval Constant values as expressions.
Declaration Declaration of a variables.
Example The class offers an example for a program int abstract syntax.
Expr Abstract class for simple expressions
IntType Type for integers (the name ``Int'' is already used by Java, of course).
Position A class to store 2-dimensional positioning information.
SFC Class for sfc-programs, the top level syntactic construct, i.e., the entry point.
Skip A skip statement as part of the simple assignement language
Step A step of a Snot-program.
StepAction Class for sfc actions associated with a step.
Stmt Statements for SFC's as part of (very) simple assignement language.
Transition A transition of an SFC connects source and target step and is labelled with a guard.
Type Types for the assgnement language of Snot, with the concrete types as subclasses.
U_expr Unary expressions
Variable Variables of the simple assignement language.