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4   Checks

Responsible: Fabrizio Picchiarecci and Francesco Donini

Only syntactically correct systems can be meaningfully processed, in our case simulated. The task of this package is to check syntactical consistency. The task comprises the definition of what syntactical correctness means, i.e., what is guaranteed/checked by this group upon which the others can rely on.


With the gui. The gui has to take care that the packages for graph-placement, simulation, model-checking, code-generation ...are handed over only checked syntax. What needs not to be checked are ``graphical lapses'', e.g., whether the nodes are placed one over the other or similar things.

Proposals for things checked:

operator/constant type(s)
true,false Bool
0,1,... Int
+,*,/ Int × Int ® Int
- Int × Int ® Int, Int®Int
<,>,£,³ Int ×Int ® Bool
=, ¹ Int×Int ® Bool, Bool×Bool®Bool
¬ Bool×Bool

Table 1: Types

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