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A   Abstract syntax

Responsible: Karsten Stahl, Martin Steffen, and all others

The following extended BNF-notation specifies the abstract syntax as common intermediate data represenation for the project. Modulo some naming conventions (capitalization), the Java-implementation is straightforward. Each non-terminal is represented as a separate class. Alternatives, specified by |, are subclasses of the abstract class, to which they build the alternative. The entries of the middle collum constitute the fields of the classes. The constructors of the classes are conventionally fixed by the fields of the class (up to the order of the arguments.1 The lists of the EBNF are implemented as java.lang.LinkedList. Graphical position information, relevant only for the editor and the layout group, is omitted in the EBNF.


last generated April 22, 2002 (ŠPublic License)
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