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1   Introduction

The document describes informally the functionality of Slime, a graphical tool for editing and analyzing SFCs (Sequential function charts modeling environment).

One crucial part of the implementation, around which most of the rest has been arranged, is the abstract syntax (cf. Section A).

The rest of the documents sketches the parts of the project, each implemented by one package of the project. Especially, we describe in first approximation As we intend to start early with the integration, the required methods should be provided rather quickly without being (fully) implemented (i.e., as stubs). See also the time-line of the project.

We provide as starting point a first implementation of the abstract syntax (cf. Section A) and a small textual printer in the utilities package.

If from the perspective of a package, changes or extensions seem necessary or desirable as far as the abstract syntax is concerned, the wish should be uttered and justified as early as possible to all participants (and then potentially implemented by us or the requester, if everyone agrees).

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