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Abstract: This is the developer's main page of the ``Conference Manager'' (Coma)-project of the winter term 2004/05. It collects most of the top-level information during the development process.

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Disclaimer: The material here -the webpages, the documentation, in particular the code ...- is maintained by the participants of the course, i.e., the students + the organizers. It is collected and made available for teaching purposes, in particular for non-profit purposes. Neither the university nor the organizers of the course offer any guarantee whatsoever concerning correctness, absence of errors, fitness for the purpose announced or a purpose assumed etc. In a word: have fun, learn, download if you wish, play around, but don't complain.
Ja, mach nur einen Plan,
sei nur ein kluges Licht,
und mach dann noch 'nen zweiten Plan,
geh'n tun sie beide nicht.
Bert Brecht, Die Dreigroschenoper

group tool presentation
``php1'' (php/mysql) coma slides + tests architecture
``php2'' (php/mysql) coma slides
``java'' (java, servlets, xml, mysql) JCoMa slides + test slides
tests   slides
org   slides
subversion repository

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