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There will be a final review, demo, presentation, and debriefing at the end of the semester.

Date of the final review, demo, and debriefing is fixed to
7.2.2005, 8 o'clock

easy surfin' the repository

Slides of the presentation

Test group: overview
PHP1 + tests architecture
Java + tests
Looking back: org group

For the further rules of engagement, see the corresponding handout 7.

Where, what, when, who ...

The goal of the E-O-S presentation for you is to present the results of your efforts to us and your student colleagues. The presentation should contain a ``talk'' part and a ``demo'' part (not necessarily sequentially separated). It takes place
8.2.05, 8o'clock -- 12 o'clock, in 2, our normal meeting room.
We propose, that every group, including the testers as global group, gets a slice of 30 minutes, calculated as if there were no questions. Probably, there will be some questions or delays (demo failure ...) for which allot estimated 10 minutes. Apart from that, the individual tester should fill perhaps 10 minutes within the slot of the respective group, to stress his contribution and integration within his group, the errors found, repaired etc.

The (proposed) schedule is shown on in Table 1

start who core test questions
8:15 tests 30   10
8:55 PHP 1 30 10 10
9:45 break
9:55 PHP2 30 10 10
10:45 Java 30 10 10
11:35 org rest

Table 1: Schedule

Here a few hints and ideas what you could address in your presentation and point that you should be aware of.
the machine, on which the server runs, is good old snert. Your demo should contain 2 parts
  1. installation-demo: for the installation, this should be performed by an outsider, on a fresh account on snert. So provide some ``installation description'' (preferably fool proof, and not too complex), that you hand out to the ``fool'' who installs your tool on the new account. You may assume that the person can read ...
  2. tool-in-action: ideally, your tool of course continues working after installation. However, to avoid delays (failure of installation and especially because after installation the data base is empty) you may switch to a running and already filled server, where you can demonstrate features of your tool. This part can be done by yourself (but the audience may require thing like ``What happens if you now klick down there'')
  3. tool-under-stress: depending on how you plan to integrate the test-part of your part, also running tests could be part of the demo.
you are required to present core ideas about your tool, your design, your group etc. Points you can address in that part are
We expect that everyone is present at the demos.1 It's recommended, that you split duties during the presentation, it makes a bad impression, of one guy takes all of the burden and the rest sits in the background, nodding at the right moments; especially if you are one of the less visible participant, take the chance and show yourself. Even if the presentation and the sharing of duties in the show is in your hand, be prepared that not just the front man is answered question, especially if you are silent all during semester. Of course, you need not know all details of all modules, but we expect a general overview over the whole thing, it's structure etc. from everyone.

You are of course encouraged to ask also questions about the other tools, if interested.

Technical support:

Client machines:
there will be two laptops, with Linux running. One will have net access. This you can use to logon snert or to surf at snert. The machines have acroread running, so if wanted, one can be used for pdf slides. In case you want us to store slides on that machine, we need the file till Monday evening before the demo.
fresh accounts:
we will provide you with an fresh account on snert
own laptops:
you can of course use your own laptop. Probably, you won't be able to hook-on via ethernet-cable/DHPC, however. Whether WLAN works there, we don't know.
there will be 2 beamers. Our laptops do synchronize with the beamer (we tested it).
If you have further requirements: announce them in time to us! Advice: prepare the demo! A demo which runs for the first time during show time, is bound to be surprising for the demonstrator ...Needless to say: Trying to run the demo means: trying under the actual circumstance ....

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