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After giving an overview over the group structure of the project for phase phase 2 (defined the 16th of November), we link in information relevant for the respective groups. The group Org is not listed as extra section, since the general web-pages (like this one ...) fall mainly in their responsibility, anyway.

Figure 1: Groups


Gruppe 1: ``PHP 1''
SQL Sandro Esquivel/Tom Scherzer
Tools Jan Waller
Sandro Esquivel/Tom Scherzer
Falk Starke
Daniel Miesling
BB: discussions
web: (test/web) page


Gruppe 2 ``PHP 2''
SQL Gunnar Biederbeck
Tools Torben Dziuk
Meiko Jensen
Marko Heiden
Tim Fenten
Ian Stragalis
BB discussions
web (test/web) page for Comma


Gruppe 3: ``Java''
SQL Mohamed Albari
Tools Alexander Derenbach
Oliver Wulf
Malte Tiedje
Peter Kauffels
Harm Brandt
Ulrich Schwarz
BB discussions
web (test/web) page for JCoMa

Test & quality assurance

PHP2 Thiago Tonelli Bartolomei
Java Olle Nebendahl
PHP1 Oliver Niemann
BB: discussions
web: (test/web) page (currently empty)

Special assignment groups

Phase 1

In the first phase, we do not have the final groups, it's a handful of ``task forces'' to prepare the tools, the spec, and a testing concept. We had Spec1 (Tom Scherzer, Sandro Esquivel, Jan Waller), Spec2 (Ulrich Schwarz, Falk Starke, Daniel Miesling), then 3 tools groups: Tools1 (Marco Heyden, Gunnar Biederbeck, Ioannis Stragalis, Mohamed Ziad Albari), Tools2 (Adriana Lukaschewitz, Malte Tiedje, Harm Brandt, Peter Kauffels) and Tools3 (Meiko Jensen, Thorben Dziuk, Oliver Wulf, Tim Fenten). Finally, the testers in Test (Oliver Niemann, Tonelli Bartolomei Thiago, Olle Nebendahl).

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