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Coma: data spec (v4)

10. 01. 2005

Abstract: This document (at the current stage) descibes the data that are to be represented in the Tool. It is available also as pdf. It is not the full specification, in particular, no dynamic behavior is yet represented or described (except by some hints.)

It serves to consolidate at least this core part and allow to push ahead, in particular the SQL-group. It is considered consolidated, in that is is final up-to necessary changes. To reflect the development, the specification is qualified with a versioning number.

The document does not yet mention yet all the restrictions, the dynamic apsects, or the scenarios and phases and further information that has been found in the specifications generated in the first phase.

The main contributors (apart from input during discussions) concerning the actual representation in SQL have been Sandro Esquivel, Tom Scherzer, Gunnar Biederbeck, and Mohamed Albari.

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previous version: v2
We have chosen an (almost standard-conform) UML-class diagram notation. (cf. Figure 1).

[class diagram]
Figure 1: Class diagram

The diagram was worked out after discussion on the bulletin board in the plenum. It took inspiration from the two specification deliverables [ESW04] [MSS04], at least the static part, for instance the ER-diagram from [ESW04], but also from different variations from the data model of this document, version 2.

The graphical representation from Figure 1 is simplified insofar as plain fields are left out. Those are specified in more detail in the SQL-representation. Apart from the information here, some textual file has been produced, accessible via the subversion server under sql/db_schema.txt.

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