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Nordic Zonal Tournament 1998 - a knock out event

Announcement from the Nordic President:

As you are all aware President Kirsan Ilymzhinow has spoken. FIDE has announce that there is scheduled to be held a World Chess Championship in Las Vegas in December 1998. Zonal Presidents have been mandated to arrange for zonal tournaments to be organized before 1st of November and to determine the number of places per Federation in their zones according previously used parameters as modified by the current system of the WCC

The Danish Chess Federation has generously offered to host the Nordic Zonal Tournament for Men this autumn in the of period 29th August to the middle of September, which has previously been introduce to the member Federations and generally accepted with thanks. The stipulated prize fund is SFr 10.000

The format of the tournament according to former Fide Regulations and "Reglement for NM i Skak" from 1990 ought to be a Swiss tournament of 11 rounds if players are more than 18. Last time we had 20 players and 6 players Tie-brake/Play-Off Tournament. This time according to my calculations 21-22 players are entitled to play, which would mean a very costly event like last time and the federations would have to bear most of the costs although we are always hoping for a fat sponsorship which seems to be rather difficult to find.

In that view and in the view of the fact that zonal tournaments are becoming an yearly event I have concluded that we have to take to other measures, to adjust to the stratedy of FIDE and change the format of the tournament from a Monrad system to a Knock-Out event with rapid and sudden death matches to be played for tie brakes as in the WCC, like Grvningen.

Therefore I want to inform you that after consultations with some of the national federations and with the Fide Secretariat it has been decided that the forthcoming zonal tournament will be played as an KO-event, starting with 24 players. More detailed regulations will be worked out by an AdHoc Committee elected at our Nordic Meeting in Oslo 13 of June.

Number of players from individual Nordic countries to be nominated for participation before 28th of July is as follows: Denmark 5; Faeroes Islands 1; Finland 3; Norway 4; Iceland 5; Sweden 6; or 24 players/places in all. There is scheduled to be played two games in each round plus rapid chess matches and sudden deaths games to eliminate the 3 -three- Nordic qualifiers to the WCC in Las Vegas where 3 million dollars prize fund is guaranteed.

With regards Einar S. Einarsson

Oppdatert 6. juni 1998 av Rune Djurhuus.

[Mailbox] runed@ifi.uio.no

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