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Licence agreement

Honey War is a game made by Eivind Mork and is copyrighted material. All illustrations and all other material belonging to this game is protected by the copyright. The game must under no circumstances be sold, neither in an electronic or in a physical version. You are allowed to distribute the game, if and only if, all the files in the package are distributed as a whole, and kept unchanged. You are not allowed to include your own file in the package. The game can be made available on the Internet, but if you do so, the game must be available for all (no paid membership on the website should be necessary in order to download). You are free to make as many printed versions as you like.

I would gladly receive any suggestions for changes of the game, as long as I am allowed to use them as I want and include them in this game, protected by this copyright.

Do you acccept this?