The Man in Black [artist]
The Man in Black
Although I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil; for I am the meanest sonuvabitch in the valley.


Date: Title: Description:
xx.xx.99 Kill The Messenger Trouble for Amaletha the flower girl.
08.02.99 The Highwayman Talisin's coach meets The Highwayman.
31.08.98 Love and Hate The Man in Black attempts to educate some mages.
30.01.98 Castle Invasion Cadderly takes over the satai castle!
08.10.97 Payback! Is a ritual blade worth 10,000 tschekals? Yes!
xx.05.97 The kid, part I A poor kid is possessed.
xx.05.97 The kid, part II The story continues.
15.09.95 Destiny Cadderly finds his true calling.

 Cadder in the cradle, the comic by Uner

# Title:
1 Cadder's adventures in Atalante
2 Cadder gets married?!
3 Cadder and the bank robbery
4 Cadder becomes warlady of the Sadais and rules the world meanwhile
5 Cadder the desert duck
6 Cadder and the burning of the witches
7 Cadder loses his teeth and his most basic beliefs are revealed!
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