Web Shop Scams

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For some general advice on how to spot online fraud, please see my page on web scams.

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121 Responses to “Web Shop Scams”

  1. Thanks, I was just fixing to purchase a $929 camera. Thank you for the alert, I saved hundreds of dollars!

  2. Thank u very much, € 1200 nearly spent. May teach me a lesson on trying to buy at the cheapest price.

  3. I had ordered a $500 camera. When they wanted me to wire transfer the money first, I didn’t do anything. Why would they not take a credit card? This was a red flag. With a credit card (which are used worldwide) if you don’t get the merchandise, you can “stop payment.” Word to the wise: NEVER send cash somewhere that you can’t stop payment and get it back. Credit cards are the only way to go ON LINE.

  4. I was about to order a $1000 dollar camera from OnixStyle but didn’t like the sound of their requirement that customers use e-gold. So checked with wikipedia about egold and was scared off by the number of dangers involved with them – phishing etc. So I then called Onixstyle and was told to send $ via western union. I called Western Union and they warned me about the probability of this being a scam – explaining that there are few restriction on setting up an address in London and that many scams are being run from there at the moment. Whew – just saved $1000.

  5. YOU SAVED ME $1500!! I was interested in buying the Acer Ferrari 4005, and have been waiting for the price to drop for the last few months. So, when I saw the ONIXSTYLE.COM price of $1500 (almost $600 cheaper than anyone else), I was naturally curious but also hesitant. When I accidently submitted my order to them (with no payment of course), I immediately emailed them back saying to cancel the order, at which point they emailed back offering 15% off their already drastically reduced price. I’ve been googling for three days trying to find some background on these people, and by the grace of god came across your blog. Thank you so much for saving me almost an entire month’s paycheck! God bless!

  6. OnixStyle is a scam. Stay away. Email all your friends and others who do business online. We got burnt slightly from them and are now pursuing them legally if we can even find them. Any information concerning OnixStyle I would appreciate and ask you to email me at fishnhike@yahoo.com. Just address it to BigD. I am keeping our coporate name(s) out of the picture here for now.

    Any help appreciated. Another tip, we are purchasing several Canon GL-2′s and we have found several companies with great prices only to find out they are grey market from either Japan or Mandarin China all markings in respective languages. Our buyers now are having to do double work just to order as we are not a reseller, but a audio-video production company.

    Thanks! Happy New Year.

    People generally reap what they sew. . .

  7. Brilliant. I nearly got sucked in on the over $500 saving on an Acer Ferrari too. but hesitated as the egold payment business sounded suspicious and a contact at the international division of a major UK bank had never heard of it.

  8. I found a very nice projector at an incredible price at axusdigital.com. I did a whois axusdigital.com and I got a contact name which links to onixstyle.com. After searching for onixstyle I found this page.

    This site accept only e-gold and western union payements.

    I don’t think we can trust axusdigital.com.

  9. I was about to order a LCD HDTV from axusdigital.com (AXUS Systems Inc). Their prices were 33% cheaper than anyone else which was unbelievable so I decided to do some research. Well, their posted mailing address of 1181 Prosper Avenue, Los Angeles, CA apparently does not exist according to the United States Post Office. Buyers beware!!!!

  10. I am so glad I found this blog entry! Thankfully, it pops up as the first link in Google on a search for “axusdigital”. There is no question that AxusDigital must be the latest incarnation of the NewCameraShop and OnixStyle hoaxes.

    I was interested in purchasing an LCD HD Projector from axusdigital.com. My experience ended up being exactly like what poster bigd above wrote regarding OnixStyle. Their price was remarkably and suspiciously lower than the competition. Ignoring my conscience, I began stepping through the order process. I really just wanted to see what shipping costs would be, so like any other site, you pretend like you want to place an order up to the point where they finally show you the shipping options and final totals. Well, after you provide your billing and shipping information, and clicking the NEXT button, you would expect to see that kind of page. INSTEAD, you get rudely interrupted by a page telling you that THEY will get in contact with YOU regarding the order.

    At this point, I was starting to get a funny feeling. I double-checked the information on the site, and found that I totally missed the part about having to pay via e-gold. I quickly emailed them back to cancel the order. A half hour later, I get the exact same email back as poster Pradsz above. It said that if I intended to complete the order instead of canceling, they would take an additional %15 off the already ridiculously low price! They also offered Western Union as a payment option, but only through an overseas outfit from London.

    … Yeah, right.

    I definitely emailed back to confirm my cancellation the order, and haven’t heard anything back from them since. My only regret is that they probably kept my contact information filled out during the order process. I stated in my email that I wanted those records purged from their systems and under no terms would I want that information shared.

    BEWARE of AxusDigital! I have yet to find any good information about them!

  11. Brenda Leonard Says:

    I’m super happy with my purchase and will definately recommend AxusDigital.com to anyone looking for excellently priced electronics!

  12. Lance Boettcher Says:

    This was a first time purchase with AxusDigital.com. I found one company that advertised the same price but shipping was more expensive and when I went to purchase the item surprisingly the price went up in a matter of seconds and shipping would take 1-2 weeks? I started searching and found AxusDigital.com. The cost of shipping was not costly at all. I was very pleased to find you had the shipping link and tracking the package was to easy. My package arrived a day earlier then expected. My purchase was a high priced item – you can bet I will be using AxusDigital.com for most of my purchases. I have already recommended AxusDigital.com to numerous people. Thank you!!!!

  13. AxusDigital.com is a great place to shop. I used to buy LPs at AxusDigital.com when I worked in LA and now enjoy shopping online with AxusDigital. I’m glad that through the changes in shopping methods, AxusDigital.com still offers a most satisfying shopping experience. Sincerely

  14. I have purchased from AxusDigital in the LA store and now online from Cincinnati. This was my 3rd purchase on line now totalling well over $4000 and each time has been better than the last. I have recommended to family and friends and will continue to do so.

  15. Once again, AxusDigital.com is fantastic! The prices are competitive. The packaging and shipment of items is great and fast! I just wished I received the catalog more often. Right now, the only time i seem to get your magazine is in the box of an order. Sure would love to hear from axusdigital more than once a month. Hehe. Keep up the great work!

  16. You have to love it when they post false feedback. And, they did not even take the time to spread them out!!!

    Hopefully those that search on this will know that e-gold does NOT offer ANY buyer protection. Once you send that money, you are out of luck.

  17. Gisle (Admin) Says:

    As admin, I get to see the IP-address of people posting comments. I could not help noticing that the only five people in this thread that are super happy with AxusDigital (i.e. “Brenda”, “Lance”, “Lennox”, “David” and “Yann”), as well as our foul-mouthed friend (“K1LLYoU”) happen to share a single PC. I guess they all live in the same commune and take turns using the keyboard. (K1LLYoU’s contributions has been edited slightly by me in an effort to keep this blog family-friendly.)

  18. Hello you poor pathetic students – this is your f****g god!!!
    As an admin of this bulls**t I suggest you to remove this f****g topic in 24h.
    If you don’t then your f****g university and this pathetic forum will suffer the worst DDOS attack from his history.
    I smash this IP from the face of earth for at least 3 weeks and spam each e-mail address from this website with 100000 emails/h.
    For you As an admin I think that our partners from OSLO will be very happy to put a BULLET IN YOUR F****G HEAD !!!

  19. You feat pig mother f****r we will put a bullet in your head for this !!!

  20. Is there any way to tell Froogle not to link to their site? I found AxusDigital through Froogle, and I didnt ask myself any questions… that is, until I found this website by chance. It is now on top of Google’s search results, but Froogle, obviously, is not going to warn anyone about this scam.
    Admin, once you know the criminal’s IP, what can you do with it? Can you report it to the police?

  21. Trecia Roberge Says:

    I also got taken from a site called elsider.com. I think they have dissapeared now but I am sure they will emerge with a new site soon to rip off more people!

  22. I reported axusdigital to their webserver hosting company after almost making a purchase. Luckily I had second thoughts and found this blog in the nick of time (as well as a “F” rating on the Los Angeles Better business Bureau’s web site for onixstyle.com, the connection between the two sites is obvious). They’ve apparently been shut down shortly afterward. I traced IP of their webserver through ARIN.NET.

  23. Sort of sad but I was still web shopping for the same item, and now kellocity.com turns up with a price to good to be true. It turns out to be the latest incarnation of this same site.

  24. what can be done? Says:

    Yeah, and if you google kellocity, you can already see how many websites already link to them. We need something like http://hoaxbusters.ciac.org/ or snopes.com for scams. So that whatever kellocity.com’s new name is, it should be marked fast enough for them to lose time (and hopefully money) setting up new websites!

  25. I just canceled the order at kellocity.com for almost $2400.
    And what do You think? I got 10 seconds ago a 15% discount ! : ))))))
    Thank You guys very much !!!!!!!

  26. Whew! Last night, I registered at KelloCity and E-Gold lured by the ridiculously low prices. Thanks to your blog, I will not finalize the order. I came this close to losing $1500. Thank you for posting this information.

    Relieved in Greenville, SC

  27. I went to Kellocity’s mailing address, and there is no company by that name. So it is definitely a scam.

  28. Christine Says:

    It seems that they are at it again two days ago I found a website offering $800+ Canon Digital Cameras for $370 (I found the site through Superpages(verizon) and with more research found it through Viperalley.com It seems that Elsider.com and chembiotin.com are the same company. Buyer beware. I can no longer access the chembiotin.com website.

  29. I have been loking at laptops for weeks now, and I found what I thought was a suspiciously good deal at Kellocity.com I would have continued my transaction if they had offered payment in the form of paypal or online credit card. Instead, they kept pushing E-gold, which I’ve never head of and didn’t know anything about. I found out E-gold, while strange, is legit however I didn’t find anything protecting the buyer aginst fraud. I did some more internet searching and I found this site, and I’m glad I did.
    I also noticed that kellocity.com said your transaction was protected by 128-bit security. Nowhere in the ordering process did I get sent to a secure server. Along with that, Kellocity.com said California residents would be charged sales tax. Sales tax did not show up on my final order price.
    I have no proof that kellocity.com is a scam, but I have more than enough information to be suspicious, and want to take my business elsewhere.

  30. sony fx1 Says:

    I was soooo close to buying a Sony cam from KelloCity. I saved 2k. Thank you so much!

  31. Unfortunately I came across your information too late. I thought this sounded way too good to be true. Yet, I struggled through the e-gold process (which was painful) and then plunked down my $1400 bucks for a $2000 laptop. I never felt good about it from the beginning. If they had been $25 less than the next nearest price, but there is not this much margin in high tech products.

    The contact name at Kellocity is: Robert Wachtler, Customer Service, Kello Electronics Inc., www.kellocity.com. I have had several emails from this guy. Each one sounding very plausible. Almost to the point that he sounds like he doesn’t know what’s going on.

    You might consider the BBB in Los Angeles. I doubt they can do anything, but other suckers like me might be disuaded from spending their hard earned cash:

    I just wish I ran across this blog last week. I would be $1400 to the good.

    Other suspicious things include their URL is only one month old. Phones don’t work.

  32. More information: As of 4/11/06 the customer service email to Kellocity forwards to michaelsimon573@yahoo.com

    Of course, he’ll probably change it ASAP. Also, feel free to contact e-gold, they have a whole procedure in place to reverse a spend. It requires a court order but you can probably get that at a justice of the peace. They will give you exactly how to do it. Go to the ABUSE link on the e-gold site.

  33. Just had a similar close call. The tip off was 1) the unorthodox way of asking for payment separately; 2) using an unsecured method of payment; 3) Terms and Conditions that operate under laws of California, yet no sales tax charged; 4) No direct method of contact (e.g., telephone) 5) address that’s a large office building but no suite number. Hope this helps a little. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

  34. I am a reporter for Fox11 News in Los Angeles and would like to interview the author of this blog about e-gold scams. Please contact me as soon as possible. Thanks for your help.
    Martin Burns
    Fox11 News

  35. I was shopping around for plasma TV they had the best price too good to be true. today I tried to go back to the website got error its down. very lucky had not ordered anything while it was up.

  36. This was the confirmation mail I got:

    Your order:
    - Canon EOS 5D Digital SLR Camera Body Only (1)
    - Canon Normal EF 50mm f/1.4 USM Autofocus Lens (1)
    Shipping by DHL: €0.00
    Order Total: €1490.00
    Instructions for Western Union payment:
    The payment must be sent on the name of our sales manager Mr. Maris Vilders.
    First Name: MARIS
    Last Name: VILDERS
    Address: 17 CORBET PLACE
    City: LONDON
    Total: €1490.00

    I talked to Western Union: they have no refund policy. They just send the money, not more not less. Agent was so nice to warn me, and told me, that unfortunattelly there is lot of frauds going on with Western Union money transfer, because of the non-refund policy – and the Agency are only sending cash, not credit card money.

  37. New appearance: www.aigars.co.uk

  38. Thanks, Taimo.
    Looks the same as before, so I’ve added them to the list. They’ve added a new payment option (International Bank Transfer). Don’t know what it entails (except that you will lose your money). Also, they have a new supposed physical address (875 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, W1D 6EX), but the same old webcam video loops.

  39. Thanks, you saved me about US$ 14,000 on the new website Aigars.co.uk. I wanted to buy a Canon 5D and got suspicious when I got an email to pay by money order. See this mail:

    Dear wim de bruijne
    Aigars.co.uk would like to sincerely thank you for your patronage and we want to assure your satisfaction on this and every order you place with us. This email contains a complete summary of your order. Please retain this order confirmation for your records.
    Your order:
    - Canon EOS 5D Digital SLR Camera Body Only (1)
    Shipping by DHL: €0.00
    Order Total: €1326.00
    Instructions for Western Union payment:
    The payment must be sent on the name of our sales manager Mr. Arnis Skrabe.
    First Name: ARNIS
    Last Name: SKRABE
    City: LONDON

    So I didn’t pay them, of course. Is there nothing we can do against this site?

  40. Hi. Glad that I found this blog. Too tempting = false always. I was looking at Aigars.co.uk and decided to go through the motions of buying something to see hidden charges etc. when I was almost taken in by a Visa option. Safe I thought… No. I then noticed that only money transfer was available from Ireland, not Visa. So I went through the motions again entering false address from uk etc., and lo and behold the page cannot work from uk address. Now I see your blog and suspicions are confirmed. They are conmen and hopefully will be caught. Good work again on the blog.
    - Colin

  41. Hello and thank you!
    I live in London. My friend from Italy told me he found the camera he was looking for at 30% less from aigars.co.uk, but he doesn’t speak english too well, he gave me his credit card details and asked me to check it out. He also said I’d need to pick the camera up from 67 Shaftesbury Avenue, London. I checked the address up but there is a bank at that address, Bank of Asia. I then did some research and thankefully I found this blog! Thank you so much for all the information, we saved almost 2,000 euros!
    - Elisa

  42. Maybe this is the new address of the scammers www.orvisinc.co.uk:

    Dear Gabriele ******
    Thank you for shopping at OrvisInc.co.uk.
    This is to acknowledge that we have received the following order from you:
    - Canon Zoom Super Wide Angle EF 17-40mm f/4L USM Autofocus Lens (1)
    Total payable: €320.00
    The payment must be sent on the name of our sales manager Mr. Maris Vilders.
    Western Union Payment To Our Sales Manager:
    First name: Maris
    Last name: Vilders
    Address: 71, Oxford St
    City: London
    Post code: W1D 1BS
    Country: United Kingdom

  43. Webstore cherry-computers.com is definately a scam. Add this to the database!! I got this site through froogle when I wanted to buy a flat screen, but grew suspicious when they only accepted western union or that gold thing.

  44. Hi,
    I can definitely confirm that orvisinc.co.uk is a scam website…
    I made a 1048 $ order there and unfortunately, I came across this website (and others) too late and made the transfer :(

    I have filed a complaint with the police and they are going to put a special team of web crime specialists on this to get this straightened out…

    I doubt it that I’ll ever see my 819 € back but I just hope that some f..ker will pay for scamming people like this!

    Nice blog anyway here! You should make yourself more public somehow to warn people.
    These scams are happening daily to a lot of people and end has to come to this!


  45. by the way Gabriele, can you please send me the email headers of that email you received from Orvis Inc? I didn’t receive an email but authorities can trace people through emails…


  46. I got screwed by Aigars and Orvis is definately the new site for them.
    still active so hopefully something can be done to catch them?

  47. I have filed an official complaint with the authorities here and they are going to put the webcrimes cell on this to investigate it as much as possible…

    This happened Monday so I’ll have to wait and see what they tell me…

    I suggest you do the same Johann…

    Will keep you all posted on updates…


    ps : we should really consider coming out big time with this… like, put up a website that’s easily found by people to warn for such practices…

  48. Yes, please let me know what happens with that.
    Hans, I’m not sure what you mean with the header of the email, but i got the following from my last email when i made up bogus purchase just to get a reply from this guy. Think it could maybe help. His ip is in there somewhere and other stuff etc. not sure what is useful so im just going to post everything.

    Received: from ironwall.datapro.co.za (ironwall.datapro.co.za [])
    	by fw.jhslr.co.za (Postfix) with ESMTP id 6B60A11E18
    	for ; Wed, 15 Nov 2006 13:40:48 +0200 (SAST)
    Received: from smtp106.biz.mail.re2.yahoo.com ([])
      by ironwall.datapro.co.za with SMTP; 15 Nov 2006 13:33:15 +0200
    Received: (qmail 45811 invoked from network); 15 Nov 2006 11:32:57 -0000
    Received: from unknown (HELO ? (sales@orvisinc.co.uk@ with plain)
      by smtp106.biz.mail.re2.yahoo.com with SMTP; 15 Nov 2006 11:32:56 -0000
    X-YMail-OSG: VNMhReUVM1lvt0XyikPpQAi0mqCtCercnWVWrehTuu2twl.r.pWlMLj_S8f40I1OjR4qe4wk689DySDoKzMZ8AbXUFse2nPuUVgfeDKtuPMqsN6PJxGZiw--
    Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2006 11:32:47 +0000
    From: OrvisInc 
    X-Mailer: The Bat! (v3.71.03) Professional
    Reply-To: OrvisInc 
    X-Priority: 3 (Normal)
    To: "Johann Koch" 
    Subject: Re: Order #736679
    MIME-Version: 1.0
    Content-Type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1
    Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable
    X-UIDL: %`h!!
  49. Hi, It seems that I just lost my $505 dollars for a D70s SLR at www.orvisinc.co.uk. Is there anyone who knows what should I do to handle this problem?
    Thank you.

  50. aboagye douglas Says:

    I was laptop dealer so when saw their price I was about to forward the money to them when I saw it from your outfit that it was a 419 scam. Thank you.
    your faithfuly,
    aboagye douglas

  51. Thanks, I found orvisinc.co.uk and decided to buy a digital camera, but when look for this site saw this site.
    PS: orvisinc.co.uk is not working… They finished publishing the site

  52. Johann: excellent mate! Those are indeed the email headers and that’s what I need.
    This could help big time with the investigation by the GTA team…

    To all: if you find the next “Maris Vilders” website, post it asap so we can try to get emails from that site also.

    Rudy: file a complaint with your authorities. That’s what I did and they have forwarded this to a team specialized in web crimes…

    I have made pdf screenshots of just about every page on www.orvisinc.co.uk, including “Terms and Conditions”, Privacy Statement, Shipping conditions, my invoice, … so I still have them as evidence from the website…

    Not really sure if this all is worth anything but I’ll do everything to nail these bas!ards.

    Therefor : if you got scammed, file a complaint immediately.


    ps : if anyone has more information, please contact me via email (h s w o l f s (at) google’s mailservice.com ;)

  53. Hi again all,
    I have found a really useful website to help agains webscams: http://db.aa419.org/fakebankslist.php . Check this list to see if the site is registered as being a scam or not…


  54. hans.
    if you need anything else please let me know. also just want these guys to suffer in any way possible.
    i also took screenshots of the orvis website.

  55. hi Johann,

    I took plenty of screenshots so I’m ok there…
    Just keep 1 rule in mind now: don’t throw away anything from these guys:
    - screenshots
    - emails
    - Western Union payment documents
    - …

    Did you file a complaint also? What did they tell you?

    I’m also trying to google my way to find out if they surfaced on another website trying to scam people so I can post links on websites like these to warn people so that these guys won’t rip off any people anymore…

    So: if someone finds out if they have a new site, let me know asap please… then we can take screenshots, collect emails, … the more we have, the better…

    I’m also seriously considering launching a website to warn people about malpractices like this… something like www.webshopscams.com or so… if someone has a good name, all suggestions are welcome…


  56. I have sent an email to the people of ZDNet.be to ask if they want to make an article about webshop scams to warn loads of people at once… they have a lot of visitors on their website…

    If you know such websites, you could do the same…


  57. Hi All,

    I just came accross this website and some others about the scams.
    You saved me $400,00 !!!!

    By the way, orvisinc.co.uk is active again !!!

  58. found another one. the guys from aigars and orvis started a new one.
    same guys doing, same #$%^ different day
    taking screen shots.

  59. Thanks, Johann, for reporting this. I’ve added it to the list and hope Google will notice.

  60. Damn I feel so stupid, I bought into the aigars scam. Is there anything to be done? They’re still advertising so isn’t there any way to track somebody down, the identity of the person you had to transfer the money to is of course fake, but still isn’t there anything I can do? Does anyone know? My internet knowledge isn’t that great so learned a hard lesson I’m afraid (btw. what are screenshots?). If anyone has some advise what I should do I’d love to get some help!
    Thanks, Marloes

  61. I do not know if there is anything you can do to recover your money. You should report this to your local police, and perhaps they can give you more advice. Western Union has been required to maintain records of pay-outs, but this information can only be obtained through the use of a subpoena or court order.

    However, this information may be of limited value as the money you sent Aigars.co.uk to pay for your camera is not picked up by the scam artist himself. Money pick-ups are done by so-called “mules”. A mule is a local stooge recruited through spam mail and offered a job as “accountant” or “local representative” of some (usually quite legitimate sounding) offshore business. These “mules” pick up the money from Western Union, take 5 % off as their fee, and transfer the rest to somewhere with no extradiction treaties and no tradition for co-operation with western law-enforcement (e.g. Nigeria), where it reaches the hands of the gangsters behind all this. The “mules” may occasionally be arrested and charged with money laundering, but since they don’t know who they are working for, they can’t help the police even if they wanted to. Arresting the “mules” do not stop the fraud from continuing, as there seem to be an endless number of people willing to sign up for these “jobs”. Some of them may not even realize they are involved in illegal money laundering before the police knocks on their door.

    That is why it is so difficult for the authorities to catch this type of operators. They use unregistered cellphones and work out of internet cafes. To pay for services such as domain registration and advertising, they use stolen credit cards and stolen identities, so the police can’t just follow the money. They can be caught, but that requires a lot of tracking of IP-addresses, surveillance and a well-coordinated international sting operation. I hope the police at one point muster the resources to do that, but I am not too hopeful.

    PS. A “screenshot” is just a copy of the monitor screen that show how their webpage looks like. Unfortunately, all the information that appear on their webpages (i.e. names, addresses, certificates) are as genuine as a four pound note, so this information will be of limited value in tracking them down.

  62. Procurando um bom preço para comprar um monitor, encontrei no orvisinc.co.uk. Fiz a ordem de pagamento para Maris Vilders pela Western Union e agora vejo que fui enganado. Lamentável. Grato, Ricardo

  63. c’est pas une vrai magasin… une fraude.. je reusi a anule la transactions mais j’ai perdu les frais de transaction avec western… mais j’ai recupere le montant de $694.00 DONT PAYE

    The payment must be sent on the name of our sales manager Mr. Arnis Skrabe.

    First Name: ARNIS
    Last Name: SKRABE
    City: LONDON

    Total: C$694.00

  64. I tried to order from a web site JUST like this. But when I got the info where to pay the money I’ve made a research about the person on Google. I found that that name was used for scams. In future, try to order from UK … there will be error. See the real time web cam it is darkening in the same time in UK and the “Korean warehouse”. Try to mail them, they will not answer.

  65. I did a check on the StarkDigital site. this is what I found

    Domain name:

    Stark Digital ltd.

    Registrant type:
    Not supplied

    Registrant’s address:
    71 Oxford St
    W1D 1BS
    United Kingdom

    Registrant’s agent:
    LCN.com Ltd t/a lowcostnames.co.uk [Tag = AI]
    URL: http://www.lowcostnames.co.uk

    Relevant dates:
    Registered on: 22-Oct-2006
    Renewal date: 22-Oct-2008
    Last updated: 24-Nov-2006

    Registration status:
    Registration request being processed.

    Name servers:

    WHOIS lookup made at 14:31:02 30-Nov-2006

    Show underlying registry data for this record
    IP Address: (ARIN & RIPE IP search)
    DMOZ no listings
    Y! Directory: see listings
    Web Site Title: StarkDigital
    Data as of: 14-Jun-2005

    Think it could help somewhere along the way. And if i understand it correctly these people are hiding in the USA.

  66. Thank for doing the WHOIS look-up, Johann. Unfortunately this does not tell you anything about where the people behind the scam are located, only that their website is now hosted by a large US-based Internet service provider named DWHS (Domain Web Hosting Service, http://dwhs.net/). The people behind this particular scam may be running the whole operation from, say, an internet-café located in Bucuresti, Romania. The way the Internet work, they have no problem maintaining a web site at a server located in the Sunnyvale, USA, or re-routing funds via Western Union from London to Bucuresti.

    Btw, until Nov. 26, they were hosted by yahoo.com – an even larger US-based Internet Internet service provider, but Yahoo shut them down, probably as a result of complaints from people that have been scammed.

    If you have not done so already, you should contact your local police. They should be able to work with the FBI in the USA and extract financial records from DWHS and Yahoo to show who paid for those web sites. However, it is very likely that stolen credit cards was used to pay for those services.

  67. Hi all!
    I don’t know what I was thinking about, but I have started a business with a Company based in the UK, through Alibaba.com, to buy some PSP consoles but I was scammed! Yes, I did send half of the money for the placed order (through Western Union). After paying 50% of the order I have received an e-mail saying that I should send the rest or else they wouldn’t send the goods (NO, this time I didn’t send anything). I have asked for help to several entities but NONE have replied (BBB, WebTraderUK, UKdata.com, ecomsumer.org, …). Probably I will never see my money back but here you have the warning for the following company:

    [I've removed part of the name of the company. This is a legitimate company whose name has been misused by scammers. - Admin]

    [************] BARGAINS LIMITED
    Phone: +44 1 2317287238
    Mobile: +447024080590
    Fax: +44 1 7075158316
    e-mail: br.consolidated@yahoo.com OR br.consolidated@london.com


  68. Forgot to say the names (maybe fake names but here it goes): Gloria Blittle (Sales Department) and Albert L. Johnson (Accountant).

  69. Hi,
    I own the UK credit reporting website http://www.ukdata.com.

    We have noticed an increase in the number of questions asking us to verify UK Limited companies where the seller of electronic goods has referenced our website and stated that they can be verified by checking their company on our database.

    Rute mentions that we did not reply to his query – apologies for that – we do try to reply to the many questions asked about this but we now get so many that we have to prioritise our time to answering client queries first and the questions about validation second.

    Here are some handy tips on checking the validity of UK Limited companies:

    1. We list all UK companies registered with Companies House – the official UK register of companies.
    2. We are not a government agency but a private company and a listing on our database implies nothing about a company, its trading status or its ethics. We offer credit reports based on a number of factors including filed accounts, duration of trading, any County Court judgements and about 100 other criteria.
    3. The scammers often pretend to be legitimate companies from our database (and therefore at Companies House) and so while the address details they use are valid – it does not mean the seller is actually a member of that organisation or is entitled to use their identity.
    4. If you want to check the validity of a company on our database call them first – you can usually find a UK company will have a listed phone number on 192.com or 118118.com.
    5. 192.com has a reverse lookup facility so if there is a UK telephone number on the scam site (unlikely but it could be a Skype or YAC number) you can see the ownership of the number.
    6. 90% of British companies will be on Yell.com (UK site).
    7. If in doubt, write to the registered office address for the company on our database – you can find this information for free by searching our website.

    We will shortly be launching some new features to help prevent this such as asking new UK companies to verify their office address to us by post so we can offer added protection to prevent them being defrauded. This will allow you to see (for free!) if a company has validated their registered office address.

    We will also alert companies who appear on the the scammers sites so we can work with them to prevent fraud.

    Hopefully this should stem the number of increasing scams involving UK companies.

    If anyone has any ideas that they think we could implement to help then please let me know by posting here.

    Please bear in mind that even when you have been ripped off it is highly likely that the genuine company has absolutely no knowledge that a scam is being carried out in their name so be careful what you post until you have contacted the genuine company.

    - Alastair.

  70. Alastair,
    thank you for an informative article.

    However, 192.com states in its infobase that:

    reverse searching by telephone number is illegal and is therefore not allowed on 192.com or the UK INFO range of products.

  71. Thanks Gisle,
    Things must have changed since I last used it!
    However you should be able to use their site to find the genuine phone number for a UK company.


    [I've removed part of the name of the company. This is a legitimate company whose name has been misused by scammers. - Admin]

    Sorry for asking but how do you know the name was misused?

    [Please bear in mind that even when you have been ripped off it is highly likely that the genuine company has absolutely no knowledge that a scam is being carried out in their name so be careful what you post until you have contacted the genuine company.- Alastair]

    Alastair thanks for your clarification. Additionally to the above commentary I would like to inform you that I even sent a fax to the President/Director of the company and still I had no reply. If your name was being misused you would like to clarify the situation, wouldn’t you? That’s not what happened.

    Thanks and Regards

  73. Rute,
    the reason I think that their name have been misused is the following: While the company name and physical address do match that of a genuine company, the email addresses and the phone and fax numbers you quote do not. The email addresses has been obtained from free bulk email providers that do not require any identification from those that sign up. The phone numbers are untraceable, and according to the UK telephone numbering plan they are not London phone numbers.

    You say you faxed the president of the company and had no reply. What number did you send the fax to? If you used the fax number supplied by the scammer, I do not think you can assume that your fax ever reached the president of the company.

  74. Unfortunately, I came across you blog too late and fell into the same trap some of your commenters did!
    On March 7th, I came across this website called DigitalSys.co.uk and totally got psyched by its low prices on electronic goods. With little skepticism, I ordered a Canon EOS 400D SLR Kit for € 396, and receive a confirmation email asking me to pay via Western Union since I reside in Hong Kong. So, I quickly paid the money and sent the MTCN as requested. Few days later, their system indicated that my order is “in process”, however, I started to worry after about a week because I thought the shipment should have arrived by that time. So I emailed them a couple of times and of course, NO REPLY. Last night, I felt something must be wrong, so I looked very carefully at the LIVE webcam image they put on their site and noticed that there are 8-10 ppl in the office, but none moved a hair in 3 hours! By that time, I was sure I fell in to a scam, so I called them up…and the number was of course, FAKE. Then I did a search on their company which brought me here to your blog. I was sooooooo pissed because I have never gotten scammed by purchasing online. Felt really stupid, but nothing I can do.

    Below are the payment info I got in the order confirmation email:
    The payment must be sent on the name of our sales manager Mr. ANTON REIMAN.
    ADDRESS: 124 Princess Court

    TOTAL: € 396.00

    I reported immediately to the Fair Trade Council of this fraud since their ads are still running and site is still operating. I also sent an email to Hong Kong’s Consumer Council to see what I can do about fraudulent online purchases.
    Do you think reporting to local police will help since its not a local transaction?

    I have already posted your blog and the url to your blog on my BLOG to help prevent ppl from falling into these web shop scams.

    This is indeed an expensive lesson! Buy Safe!


  75. Good that your information goes around the world.
    I’ve found your website too late.
    Digitaldale.co.uk robbed me of 1740 Euro.
    A very expensive lesson. The world has criminals, so also the world Wide Web.
    In this case the best thing is to buy around the corner.
    For everybody: This day is the first day of the rest of your life !

  76. Marc Peeters Says:

    I’m the next one in the line. Found this site too late. I lost 450 euro’s to Digitaldale.co.uk. I tought the UK site’s where more reliable.
    I never had heard about this kind of sites. I never would heve paid with Western Union because you always lose your money and it is always possible that you never get something back, but there was no alternative. There is always a first time and for me it will be the last time. It was an expensive one.
    Like other ones I have paid to Anton Reiman. Before I had sent some mails and they were responded to by them. Sales – Clive Cook, friendly with all the information I needed. As told, I sent him the Western reference. A few day’s later I received the confirmation and the time it would take to send my order. After a week I have sent them (all the staff) mails but……no answers. Later on I realized that the mails always where send during the night.
    Now after 4 weeks I understand that I will never have my Nikon D80 from DigitalDale.
    My payment was sent to:
    ADDRESS: 18 Westland Place

    Can anyone tell me if there is a solution to get my money back ??


  77. Just been scammed by a company Dedaxestore (no longer to be found on alibaba, but still sending e-mails to send more money for order to be delivered). Looking through the companies on this website flags up so many scammers it is unbelievable. The website alleges to be best of the web in the Forbes lists, looking up that only accesses articles on the counterfeiting supplies via companies of alibaba.com site. My wife even registered a fake company with absolutely no checks even though the company address is a blatant fictional one. The whole website company appears to be a total scam. One company Momentim had its address at the UK pancreatic cancer headquarters. Any info on who to contact, already been in touch with western union re receiver Kuffour Emmanuel, original name was Aletor Itua and Jeng B Chan guy from store, a mr Mike Brown e-mailed re fedex invoice. Names for others to be aware of. Regards Reg

  78. Fabrizio Says:

    I have bought a mixer pioneer 457.00 euro, no reply, nothing. I think I have lost my money, someone can help me pls :(
    regard, fabrizio

  79. Fabrizio Says:

    I have bought a mixer pioneer from euden.co.uk, 457 euro, 2 weeks are past, and I don’t receive the item, I have tried to contact them, no-one reply :( Someone call help me pls. This guy receive my money:

    First Name: Andris
    Last Name: Saldavs
    Address: 7a Candover St
    City: London
    Country: United Kingdom
    Total: 457.00 Euro

    regard, Fabrizio

  80. I was buy on euden.co.uk any mixer pioneer djm-600 and I want pay but I see that is very fantasy on-line shop. Maybe you needed go to police? What are you think about it? Now i will not buy on euden.co.uk!

  81. Calemet.co.uk was advertising brillant deals with electronic things. My sister sent over 4450 euro, but Andris Saldavs was a prick that should be caught. If so many people complain about these people, how have they not been caught? I see ANDRIS SALDAVS is using him name under different sites. Its about time the cops got up off there arses and caught these scum bags. CALEMET.CO.UK has now gone for the time being as yahoo got word but ANDRIS will soon be using another site.

  82. The scammers are not caught because their real identities and locations are unknown. They operate with made-up or stolen identities. Their real location is certainly not the address they tell you. It is very difficult for the police to deal with trans-border crime of this type. People need to learn that to transfer large sums of money to complete strangers using Western Union, MoneyGram or eGold is not a smart thing to do.

  83. Henrique Says:

    Thanks for this post. It’s essential to expose these crooks so people cannot be cheated by them. Great job in achieving that.

  84. Can anyone provide the bank account details for Andris Saldavs – I would like to confirm that the details I have been given for a graphics card are the same, and therefore whether its the same person.

  85. joe briffa Says:

    My sister has ordered a camera from nexline.co.uk. Is that a fraud??? I mean not a genuine site, as she has not revieved anything yet.

  86. Thanks guys, I had ordered stuff worth of 900 pounds from Nexline.co.uk and wired the money from sweden to them. Then just googled for nexline fraud by chance and stumbled upon this thread. So I went back to the bank and canceled the transfer.

  87. joe briffa,
    Sorry to be the bringer of bad news, but I know for sure that nexline.co.uk is a fraud. She will never receive anything from that site. Your sister should contact the local police.

  88. I got a call from my credit card company and they said that there is a transaction of 1000 pounds on my card from france. I asked them to cancel the transaction. I believe the details are stolen from nexline.co.uk site. If you have given your credit card details to that site, I suggest you to change your card else there is a high chance of loosing big cash.

  89. I had ordered stuff worth of 350 pounds from www.Nexline.co.uk and wired the money from Latvia to them using Western Union. Gone 10 days, stuff is not delivered.

  90. Western Union / MoneyGram Payment to our Sales Manager:
    I had ordered stuff worth of 1084 Euro from Nexline.co.uk and wired the money from Latvia to them using Western Union. Gone 10 days, stuff is not delivered.

    First name: Viktors
    Last name: Kirsanovs
    Address: 29 Harley Street
    City: London
    Post code: W1G 9QR
    Country: United Kingdom

    Total Amount: € 1084.00

  91. stefania Says:

    I ordered a Canon Eos 450D for 362 € at Nexline.co.uk, after 10 days nothing happened, today I am going to the police…the web site is not available anymore and my money got stolen.

  92. I saw this blog too late. I ordered a Nikon D300 from a website called Mostransit.com. It looked legitimate, even had a registration form. I sent payment of 687 Euros by Western Union. Received a reply saying the camera had been shipped. 10 days later no camera and no replies to emails. I should have known because the payee was in Moscow. No hope of recovery. I have asked Western Union to trace the person who collected the money but it won’t help. First time I have been scammed like this. The cheap price was the trigger.

  93. On July 14th, I ordered a Canon 40D with lens from mostransit.com. It is now almost two weeks. I have no camera and they are not replying to my emails. I thought the method of payment (Western Union) was a bit strange, but the Wikipedia article said that Western Union was working with US government to prevent money from falling in the wrong hands, so I thought it was safe. Western Union has been totally uncoperative in helping me reovering the money. They have told me that the money has been paid and that is it. Please don’t kick me – I know I’ve been dumb, I now have no money and no camera this summer.

  94. I would like to communicate with the last two persons that ordered from mostransit in order to ask them whether they received until today their cameras beacause i am planning to order a d300. Please let me know their e-mails or you try to contact with them.

    thank you a lot greetings from greece

  95. vasathan,
    I am the administrator and as matter of policy, I do not forward the email address of users of this blog to any outside party.

    As for wiring money to Mostransit – well it is your money. I’d say your chances of receiving a camera from that outfit is equal to zero.

  96. Finally received memory cards and lens from Mostransit.
    I placed my order on 17th July, sent a payment on 19th July. Almost 20 days for delivery.

    I live in Poland and they promised 5 days delivery.

    Anybody from Poland is here?

  97. Paulo Marques Says:

    Thanks to you and to my mistrust in this email, i did not made the mistake to do the transfer.
    Thank You very Much

    > Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2008 20:09:48 +0100
    > From: sales@mostransit.com
    > Subject: Re[2]: Order Update #96
    > Hello Paulo,
    > There is no difference. It’s a type of sensor used in the camera.
    > Delivery is from the Russian customs warehouse (the part of EU zone),
    > so no customs taxes will apply.
    > The price is final.
    > Helen Wagner
    > MosTransit Sales Department
    > Thursday, August 7, 2008, 3:15:10 PM, you wrote:
    >> Hello Helen,
    >> i have some questions :
    >> What is the diference between de nikon d300 and the nikon d300 DX.
    >> Will this buy be considered inside the European Comunity. Will i
    >> pay some taxes in my country. Or i will pay only the 997 Euro.
    >> How will the package be dispached.
    >> Thank you
    >> Regards
    >> Paulo Marques

    >>> Subject: Order Update #96
    >>> Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2008 11:05:00 +0300
    >>> From: sales@mostransit.com
    >>> MosTransit
    >>> ——————————————————
    >>> Order Number: 96
    >>> Detailed Invoice:
    >>> http://mostransit.com/index.php?main_page=account_history_info&order_id=96
    >>> Date Ordered: Wednesday 06 August, 2008
    >>> The comments for your order are: .
    >>> Thank you again for your order.
    >>> The grand total with shipping is €997
    >>> To pay for your order please follow these steps:
    >>> 1. Visit the nearest Western Union agent in your area:
    >>> Carnaxide, LISBOA 2795
    >>> Paco De Arcos, LISBOA 2780998
    >>> 2. Please send your payment by Western Union Transfer to our payments
    >>> manager:
    >>> Name: Anton Kudrevetz
    >>> Street address: Ryazanskij pr., 8-A
    >>> City: Moscow
    >>> Postcode: 109428
    >>> Country: Russia
    >>> 3. A Western Union agent will provide a 10-digit MTCN number.
    >>> Email this number to me to complete your payment.
    >>> Your order will be sent within 3 days after your payment
    >>> is received.
    >>> If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me.
    >>> Helen Wagner
    >>> MosTransit Sales Department
    >>> Your order has been updated to the following status:
    >>> New status: Waiting For A Payment
    >>> Please reply to this email if you have any questions.
    >>> This email address was given to us by you or by one of our customers. If you
    >>> feel that you have received this email in error, please send an email to
    >>> sales@mostransit.com
    >>> This e-mail is sent in accordance with the US CAN-SPAM Law in effect
    >>> 01/01/2004. Removal requests can be sent to this address and will be
    >>> honored and respected.

  98. is there any information about this in other languages, maybe german or other else?

  99. wissen Sie alle mögliche Informationen über dieses in anderen Sprachen?

  100. my poor nerves. got my order from mostransit on a 27th day.

    2vasathan: my e-mail address mediaprojd -at* gmail.com

  101. If you google any of the email address below you will see the number of webpages where these guys place ads with incredible offers (i.e. Nikon d300 + 18-200 VR lens $940 – when the price should be not less than $2,230).
    Same untraceable payment method as all scams.


    Unreasonable low price + no trace payment = SCAM

  102. Werner (austria) Says:

    Do not pay over western union or money gram on this name:
    Receiver’s Name: John Cole
    Receiver’s Address : 101 greenferry avenue
    Atlanta, GA 30314


    Its a SCAM
    He promised everything, he pay the tariffs and duties. 1 units is not possible to shipment, you must pay for two cameras. And so on.
    Unfortunately I have payed € 500, and he want to more and more. At luck, I stopped all. It’s like a pickpocket

  103. is it availible in German?

  104. Es tut mir leid, aber ich habe nicht eine deutsche Version dieses Blog.

    Mein Deutsch ist sehr rostig, aber die wichtigste Botschaft in diesem Blog ist: Wenn ein Webshop nur akzeptiert Zahlung per Western Union, können Sie sicher sein, dass sie Ihr Geld stehlen und nicht senden Sie die Ware.

    You may also look at an automatic translation into German by Google translate.

  105. Thanks for the warning. These people are scum.

  106. One new site to be aware of:
    They never answer the phone, allow credit acrd payment, the ususals…
    they have became enough smart not to offer compltely silly prices that will put the users back, instead thet try to trick you into buyung larger amounts and so…
    What a band!

  107. naxio,
    thanks for the alert. It recycles the design of known fraud site nexline.co.uk so it is clearly the same people behind both sites.

  108. Hi,
    I just saw this website about web shop scams, but everything is too late. I bought a Nikon D300 on mobicestore.co.uk. It has been over thirteen days, I didn’t got anything from that website. Can anyone tell me what I can do with this web scam and get my money back? Thank you a lot.

    Regards, Annie

  109. Annie,
    I do not know if there is anything you can do to recover your money. However. you should report this to your local police. Perhaps they can give you more advice?

  110. I got scammed by http://www.alapage.com with this too. From their website, they say they are owned by France Telecom. However, when you get to the payment stage, they claim that they cannot accept foreign credit cards, and ask you to wire the money…I should have realised it was a scam at this stage! Needless to say I never got my Wii console and was totally unsuccessful getting my money back. I rang them numerous times and sent dozens of emails, but all were ignored…I was even hung up on several times !!! My advice is to KEEP AWAY FROM ALAPAGE, even though they look legitimate, they certainly are not!

  111. Shiv,
    alapage.com is owned by France Telecom. The site looks legitimate to me. The domain was created in 1996 and they run a secure payment server (secured.alapage.com) with a vaild cerificate issued by Thawte Consulting (Pty) Ltd. that appear to accept foreign credit cards (I didn’t complete a transaction tho’.)

    There is nothing on that site that indicates that it is a scam site.

  112. I just noticed this site http://www.cendice.co.uk/ which looks very familiar when compared to other scam sites. The domain has been registered on 14-Nov-2008.

    This time they mention Visa, but I’ll bet that a buyer will have “some technical difficulties” while trying to use it.

  113. Thanks for the spotting this, Mig. Yes, this is a scam site.
    This is a new development. It sports a fake verified by Visa logo, but a real (!) SSL certificate (signed by Godaddy.com, Inc.).

  114. Godaddy has a “Domain-Only” validation for “Standard” SSL-certs,
    which basicly proves nothing…


  115. Goddamit…

    I am dead sure that cendicestore.com is another reincarnation of the ‘cendice’ scam stores out there…Is there any investigation done into this type of scams in the past? Its Christmas!!! They will victimize more and more people. This must be stopped. I hope that the perpetrators behind this scam get their comeuppance soon.

  116. [...] huippuhalvalla, niin laittakoon kommenttia! Asiasta löytyy lisää tietoa esimerkiksi täältä. addthis_url = ‘http%3A%2F%2Fwww.digikuvaus.fi%2F%3Fp%3D174′; addthis_title = [...]

  117. hi,
    cendicestore is dead and now xenosworld as come. always the same look, always the same scam. hope this man will be arrest py police.. one day…

  118. omi,
    thank you for the alert. It recycles the design of known fraud site nexline.co.uk so it is clearly the same people behind both sites.

  119. once again this scam come online with two new names:


    always same scam !!

  120. Do not order anything from eliteshop24.com or eliteshop24.de

    It’s a SCAM.

    More information:

    Try to do a google picture search for example
    “SATA-Controllerkarte” which they “sell” and you will find the real owner/webshop of those images.

    Don’t fall for this!

    Betrug Bluff Gaunerei Hinterhältigkeit Hinterlist Irreführung List Machination Mogelei Schwindel Täuschung Trick Tricksen

  121. Here’s another one with regular Western Union etc.


    I bet they must have a huge stock on Nikon D4/D400/D4000 (they are unreleased models, if you didn’t know 8-) as advertised by them on some B2C sites.