Using Speedbar

Speedbar allows you to get an overview of the functions in any C file and open a C file at a given function. To invoke Speedbar issue the following connamd to Emacs:
M-x speedbar
that is: press Alt and 'x', then write 'speedbar' and hit return.

All actions in Speedbar are performed using the middle mouse button. You are first presented with a view similar to this one:
0:[+] noe.c !
You can middle-click on the path names to go to those directories. Middle-clicking a filename opens the denoted file in Emacs. You can middle-click the '+' sign to expand the view so that all the functions are shown:
0:[-] noe.c !
1: > sub_asm
1: > main
Middl-clicking the function name opens the file to which the functions belongs (if it is not already opened) and paces the cursor at the beginning of the function.

To bring ut the setup menu of Speedbar, right-click anywhere in the window. In the setup you can for example instruct Speedbar to show all files and not only C files (useful if your project includes assembly source). Additionally you can choose if Speedbar should show the contents of the buffers (only those files that are already opened) or a directory listing, whic is the default mode.

Strictly speaking Speedbar is not limited to C files. It recognises several other file types, including HTML.
Last modified: Tue Aug 30 19:48:17 CEST 2005