Project assignments i INF[34]151

Project presentations

Projects are presented in Store Aud in old Ifi building on Wednesdays at 16:00, following the start of a new project on previous day.

Project start

Project assignments are made available on tuesday (see teaching plan) at 13:00 upon project start. They are NOT available on the web, you have to get them from the given directory under the user inf3151. The directory is protected so that only the students taking the course, and that have passed the previous project, have access to it.
Notice: To get the files with SSH, use (not!)

Use of course material

Important! Remember that the material from the project assignments is a part of the course's teaching material and you are not allowed to distribute it, according to the "Statement on the use of course material"! Failure to respect that will be regarded as cheating and will be treated according to the Faculty's rules. All the copies you might have in your home directory must be protected so that other persons don't have access to them!


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