Department of Informatics

University of Oslo

IN 3/4270

Information Systems Development in Organizations

Fall semester 2007

Exam form: individual report

Report content:

Write a scientific report on change in the organization studied, which could be the same organization as you studied for the group assignment. Two aspects should be covered:

1. Micro level changes, concerning individual or small group. Relate this aspect to the topics covered in the literature and lectures like learning, participation and work

2. Macro level changes, having impact on the organizational structure. Relate to relevant literature.

Writing about changes also includes an analysis and description of the obstacles to changes and forces that trigger change. If the organization that you study undergoes little change at the moment, your report should rather focus on the obstacles and concern how changes could take place under the circumstances that you describe.

This is an individual assignment, but you can and should discuss your drafts with the other students. You may cooperate on collecting data, and you might prefer collecting data also for this assignment on change during data collection for the first assignment.

The report will be assessed based on your ability to relate the empirical study to the literature.

To guide your writing, the process is organized as follows:

  1. Write a 2-5 pages draft on the micro level theme. The draft has to be submitted on the 30th of October, and feedback within a week.
  2. Write a 2-5 pages draft on the macro level theme. The draft has to be submitted on the 21nd of November. Feedback will be given within a week.
  3. The final essay is composed by the micro and the macro parts, plus a reflection on the micro-macro relation. The micro and macro parts should be finalized according to the feedbacks received. The final essay should be limited to 5000 words (references excluded). The length limit should make you focus on the relevant content. Submission deadline is 14th of December.



  1. Send drafts and final essay to espesk at Attach the file in .pdf
  2. Name the file: yourname.pdf
  3. The final exam essay should be limited to 5000 words: state the word length on the first page of your essay.


The grading of INF 3/4270 is Pass/Fail. You need to get a pass both in the first assignment and this second deliverable in order to obtain a Pass mark in the course.


General guidelines on how to structure your report:

  • Introduction
  • Literature review
    • Present the concepts you have selected from the course literature. Discursive way: full sentences and no bullets.
  • Method: briefly describe how you collected your data.
  • Case description:
    • Some background information + focus on aspects which are relevant for the analysis.
  • Analysis and discussion: interpret your case with theoretical concepts. NOT re-presenting case and theory!
  • Conclusions

General: At the beginning of each section: tell the reader what you are going to do in that section