UK mudmeet at St. Giles Heathrow Hotel, feb. 19th 2000

The first participants arrived at the Hotel on friday 18th, and there were about 20 persons present during friday evening's "pre-meet". The rest arrived on Saturday, and by noon there were about 50 of us.

So, here it is, the participants' gallery. I didn't get pictures of everyone, but here are the ones I got.
Click on the pictures for a bigger view.

Participants' Gallery

Airk Aiwendil Three Wizards Belcar Bremen

Carpanag Daxa Dogbolter Dogbolter dishes it out? Fluffy Dogbolter

Ellaron Responsible men Fizwort Furcifer

Gunnlag & Tilly Lemming Fluffy Magpie Magpie & Carpanag Mansarde

Nevvyn Ohdamn Best Bunny! Pepsi Sasquatch & Camera

Barbarian Invaders! Sasquatch discovers gravity Sasquatch & Yeti Siel & Daza

Turrican crowned Fluffy Turrican Floppy Bunny Ukko Zagor

The Card

A dinner picture

And then it was time to go home... but we went the long way, and saw the elephant.

Elephant Gruper

(We even met Gruper, who for some reason was in the London Zoo...)

Thanks everyone, we had a wonderful time! :)
Magpie & Candlewhiff.