h5400 FSI driver and client library for Linux

The h5400 and h5500-series iPAQ contains a fingerprint scanner (FCD4B14 FingerChip). The scanner is accessed through the Samcop ASIC's FSI (Fingerprint Sensor Interface) module.

The scanner captures overlapping fragments of the fingerprint (280x8 at 4 bpp), which must be assembled by the host (reconstructed) into a fingerprint image.


The driver reads raw frames from the scanner and passes them through to userspace. This driver is included in recent kernels distributed by handhelds.org. The client is a library which provides means to read from the driver and reconstruct a complete fingerprint image (which in turn can be used e.g. by fingerprint verification software). An example application is provided with the client library to dump a fingerprint image in PGM (Portable Graymap) format.


2004-08-03: A new version of the client library is available. Featuring much improved fingerprint reconstruction.


If you would like to contribute to any (or all) of these tasks, please do (see contact details below).


Please send comments, questions, suggestions etc. to jorgenam@ifi.uio.no (or to h5400-port@handhelds.org if you feel it has common interest).

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