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11  Temporaries

All this is stub.

Module for temporary variables and labels. The type temp represents an abstract name for a local variable and label an abstract name for a static memory address. Both entities must be generatable on demand. The are relevant for the frames in the compiler. The temporaries data structure is needed throughout.

To do:
What’s this Table-thing in [App98b] (p. 140)? Also: it seems from the provided NJ-SML code, that the labels start counting at 100. Why is this so?
In the NJ-SML code, it’s an IntMapTable. Also, there are files Table[sig|sml] provided with Chapter 4, which contain the IntMapTable, perhaps this is the structure mentioned in Table? Also in the module Graph, there is a structure Table. In NJ-SML, there’s a signature TABLE and
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