Currently open theses topics

working title annoucement together with
Time approximation too for concurrent programs pdf and web SIRIUS
\(R^3\): Random Robust RUST pdf Security lab
Typing and subtyping for security web ConSERnS
Checking properties of legal electronic contracts web  
Verification tool for concurrenct software    
Modelling support for the Go langauge    
Refactoring at Scale    
Mutex with pointers pdf  

General remarks

Open thesis topics of the PMA group in general can of course also found via group's web-page (also with other (co-)supervisors.)

It may also be instructive to see not just at open topics, but at theses that have been completed. Thus we (try to) maintain an overview over completed master theses, where also in most cases the thesis document itself is available. That gives an expression over past theses under our supervision.

Author: Martin Steffen

Created: 2017-08-18 Fri 08:29