some other photos

Old photos

So, it found some other photos, I scanned once (or maybe others did).

    This one had to be scanned once when at my old university they wanted to embellish the staff's homepages. Then plan was dropped then...
    I can't remember, I think it was taken by a colleague when he got his workstation with a digital camera on top, a nasty invention, it could automatically track a person, and everyone became a victim.
    That is a photo of a small workshop I helped organizing. In the background, there's the brewery where the workshop took place (No, the workshop was not about beer).
    Here's a picture of another workshop some time ago at castle Dagstuhl.
    That was somewhere in Venice.
    That's a more recent photo from a visit at the University of Chicago.
    A photo from CAV'01 in Paris.
    A photo from Etaps'02 in Grenoble.