Venedig 1999

Venedig & Verona 1999

So, here are some photos from a trip to Venice and Verona early July 1999, (and perhaps a few pictures from Trento, as soon as I've finished the film which might take time). The sightseeing started the 3rd of July here at this tower, known as the campanile, and ended two (much too short) days later at the station in Verona. The pictures have been taken at some moment in between. More -and probably better- photos are promised here (in a couple of months, though, early next millennium .. :-)


Just for orientation: this is Venice, a canal (but don't ask me which one, there are a couple of those).

    A partial view of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari - the church, I mean, in the right-upper corner rather in the background. It is known for some pieces of Tizian; quite lesser known is the fact that it contains the embalmbed heart of Casanova (or so...).
Probably the Canale Grande, including Vaporetto

    This is the Ca'D'oro at the other side of the Canale Grande. It's not, say, blinding with gold or so, but sure looks nice. A house.    
    That one is noteworthy for the sole reason of what I almost succeeded to frame, if I hadn't overlooked the -in hindsight obvious- fact that one should switch on the camera first. ok, next time I'm faster..
Sun-down at a pier in Venice.     Looks quiet and calm, but that's deceptive; shortly afterwards it became evident that rushing to the stazione de ferrovia does not yield if one remembers the train schedule incorrectly (not that one learns from it; next day, how I managed the connection to Trento was not smart, either... It earned me a booklet, though.)
    Another quite hot day, but now in Verona; outside some museum, where they don't like pidgeons. And in the museum, as another piece of evidence that Bacchus was a catholic saint, they display his sarcophagus: read the text again!)
The Adige in Verona, seen from the river banks.
For some reason, it had been decided, that 45 degrees would be the ideal temperature to climb one of Verona's surrounding hills in full sunshine, so this is Verona, seen from above. It has a nice garden on that hill there, too, and different trees with eatable -as I've been told- fruits but the garden is, as one can (not) see, not on the picture.    

I for sure did not made this one; please note that it is an optical illusion of perspective that makes the beer glasses appear to be (all) mine. Notice also, in the background, people queueing up for Aida.

The last, not least, of my pictures on that film.

Martin Steffen
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