Our philisophy:

Do and understand (i.e., roll your own approach)

– overcome the barrier, dive into the system

– gain confidence: you have the power instead of

   only SW, OS and computer vendors

Our approach:

Implement in a series of six projects your own OS

- P1: Bootup

- P2: Non-preemptive kernel

- P3: Preemptive kernel

- P4: Interprocess communication and driver

- P5: Virtual memory

  1. -P6: File system

What do you learn:

Use original technical documentation (INTEL manuals)

Write design proposals

Understand in depth all OS aspects

- Operating System Structure

- Synchronization

- I/O subsystems

- Virtual memory

  1. -Storage systems

These are fundamental elements of all computer systems!

For more details please go to the official course page.

Hall of OS Fame:

Do you dare to implement your own Operating System?