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Department of Informatics
University of Oslo
P.O.Box 1080 Blindern
N-0316 Oslo
Office:  Informatics building, 4453
Phone:  +47 22 85 04 93
Fax:  +47 22 85 24 01
Older news:
I currently have leadership responsibilities for SmartMed, Conserns, and Credence.

One postdoc position in information security (blockchain) is available in the Conserns strategic research initiative.

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An article about the Tidals News project I was leading (in Norwegian)

I am a faculty member at the Department of Informatics at the University of Oslo. My research interests lie broadly in the area of distributed applications, middleware and algorithms; they span modeling, design, analysis, software engineering, implementation, and performance evaluation. My specific research focus is on large-scale communication, mobile and dynamic environments, object-oriented and component-based platforms, distributed event-based systems, consistency models, and fault-tolerant distributed computing.

Prior to coming to the University of Oslo, I spent three years at IBM Research. In the past, I was a postdoctoral research associate at the Computer Science Department of the University of California, Santa Barbara. I also held shorter visiting researcher positions at the University of Rome, Polytechnical University of Madrid, and INRIA/IRISA in Rennes.

I received my Ph.D. from the Computer Science Department of Technion (Israel Institute of Technology). My advisor was Dr. Roy Friedman and my thesis title was Internet-Wide Caching of Distributed Objects. My M.Sc. was done at the Institute of Computer Science and Engineering at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, under the supervision of Prof. Danny Dolev.

Here is an overview of my project involvement at the above research labs and institutions and here is the list of resulting publications. Many of them are also available through DBLP and GoogleScholar.

Finally, here is my very special project of a different nature.

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