Position of a postdoctoral research fellow in information security (blockchain) is available with the group of Networks and Distributed systems at UiO

The group of Networks and Distributed systems at the Informatics Department, University of Oslo has a position of a postdoctoral research fellow in information security with a special emphasis on blockchain. The position is in the context of the Strategic Research Initiative called ConSeRNS: Concurrent Security and Robustness for Networked Systems.

The deadline for applications is June 30, 2020.

The research will be done in collaboration with Cornell University, which is one of leading research centers in the world in the area of blockchain.

It is expected that the researcher will be a part of the ConSeRNS leader team and actively contribute to the coordination of collaboration between all partners contributing to ConSeRNS, including supervision of PhD-candidates.

Project summary

Security and robustness of ICT infrastructures are essential factors for sustainable development of our society. On a daily basis there are reports of ICT security breaches and failures of vital functions like water supply, electricity supply, healthcare services, communication services, transport services and security services. Companies and entire nations are now faced with the threat of large scale-attacks executed remotely through the Internet. Unfortunately, current knowledge of resilient ICT system design stands in stark contrast to the critical importance that ICT has in modern societies.

Blockchain: We are living in exciting times that allow us to witness how the DLT technology is transforming the conventional methods of storing and sharing data central to functioning of the society, in areas such as decentralized digital identity and certificates, eHealth, smart cities, trading, and more. Bitcoin did away with a centralized broker entity and showed that it is fundamentally possible to have a working system in practice where the technology does all the mediation. Blockchain use in healthcare provision and energy markets is making global news. Microsoft and IBM declare blockchain as a key technology for business. Netherlands and Estonia make blockchain a part of their national technological strategy.

Unfortunately, the sudden demand for blockchain solutions has caught the society unprepared. While the potential is huge, meaningful standards are to emerge and even application requirements are to be crystallized yet. It is already clear, however, that new blockchain applications have characteristics significantly diverging from those of Bitcoin, due to the key differences in the operational conditions, prevalent threats and risks, and performance requirements. This call for a design of new mechanisms for data storage, distribution, security, etc.

The main objective for this postdoc position is to contribute to analyzing the requirements and devising new mechanisms for novel classes of blockchain applications.

The results can impact healthcare provision, energy markets, and a broad range of B2B interaction which involves e-asset transfer, by filling the technology gap and powering industry initiatives in this rapidly developing area. In particular, the position will be relevant to existing projects in the group of Networks and Distributed Systems, such as SmartMed and SmartNEM.

We are seeking a postdoctoral researcher who is interested in designing, developing, and evaluating techniques related to the above.

What we offer in a nutshell

Suitable Background and Requirements

Details about Employment

A postdoc position is a regular job with social benefits and with salary starting from 523.000 NOK per year.

The position is for four years. The position entails a compulsory workload of 25% that consists of teaching and supervision duties.

Starting date no later than the 31st of December, 2020.

Host Institution and Environment

The University of Oslo is Norway's largest and oldest institution of higher education. Founded in 1811, today the University of Oslo has approx. 30,000 students and 4,600 employees. Four Nobel Prize winners indicate the quality of the research at the University. The Department of Informatics has been a home to a number of world-renown scientists, such as Turing Award recipients Prof. Dahl and Prof. Nygaard.

The group of Networks and Distributed Systems offers a work environment that is well equipped with the newest hardware and software technology. The research group has tight bonds with Simula Research Laboratory. Furthermore, we have well established links to national and international research institutions. We conduct collaborative research projects that are funded by Norwegian research funds, and the European Community.

The country, also known for its unique scenic beauty, has been ranked by the UN as having the highest standard of living in the world. Oslo is considered one of the sunniest places in Northern Europe, with summer temperatures averaging 21 degrees Celsius.

Futher information can be found on this page.

How to Apply

The applications should be submitted through the application portal.

A full application should include

  1. Your cover letter listing
    • specific research interests
    • reference number for the position you are applying to
  2. Certificate for the PhD degree.
  3. A curriculum vitae including
    • Your name (given, family), data of birth, nationality, current address, phone number, and email address.
    • Your highest degree's name, educational institution, department, and the year of completion.
    • List of your higher education including the type of education, place, duration, and degree if applicable.
    • List of your employments including company/institution name and duration of the employment.
    • Your publication list.
  4. Official transcript listing all the courses taken at the university level.
  5. Names and contact details of your references. To speed up processing, applicants themselves may ask their references to mail recommendation letters to the same email address.
  6. Copies of relevant work, e.g., dissertations, theses, or articles that you have authored or co-authored.


Inquiries for additional information should be sent to Professor Roman Vitenberg, romanviSPAMFILTER@ifi.uio.no.