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Arnold J. Eikrem Memorial 1996, 3-11/8-96

The 3rd tournament in the Visa Nordic Grand Prix 1996/97 is dedicated to the memory of Mr Arnold J. Eikrem who died February the 11th 1996. Eikrem has organized international tournaments at Gausdal Høifjellshotell since 1970.

I will try to post results during the tournament. (19.8.96) 67 more games from Arnold J. Eikrem Memorial, together almost all games played by title players.

(15.8.96) VISA Nordic Grand Prix 1996/97: Grand prix points after three tournaments.

(15.8.96) Final rankings with Bucholtz.

(13.8.96) Daði Örn Jónsson has calculated the Elo-changes after Arnold J. Eikrem Memorial. NB! All the numbers are not 100% correct due to some minor rules he hasn't considered. See also his Chess in Iceland-pages.

(11.8.96) The winner of Arnold J. Eikrem Memorial - Nordic Visa Grand Prix - is GM Margeir Petursson from Iceland. He got 7 points after a short draw against IM (GM) Throstur Thorhallsson (ISL). The Swedish surprise Tiger Hillarp-Persson got also 7 points after beating GM Hannes H. Stefansson in a nice game today. Hillarp-Persson got his final IM-norm.

(11.8.96) Please note one corrected result from round 8: T.R. Hansen - M. Jensen 1-0 (given as 1/2-1/2).

(10.8.96, 23:40 GMT+1) The last round pairings are not ready yet, due to a possible bug in the computer pairing program - or a higly inefficient algorithm.

(10.8.96) In round 8 GM Margeir Petursson, Iceland grinded down GM Hannes Stefansson, Iceland in a long endgame and has a clear first place with 6,5 out of 8 before the last round, which will be played tomorrow, Sunday. Throstur Thorhallsson, Iceland, who has just got the GM title, sprung a strong opening novelty on GM Rune Djurhuus, Norway and got a probably winning advantage. But instead of attacking the weak Black king, Throstur took back a pawn, and after missing a couple of more chances, the game was unclear again. In the ending the Norwegian had an edge, but he couldn't convert his extra pawn, and it ended in a draw.

The fifth co-leader before today's round, GM Helgi Olafsson, Iceland drew GM Einar Gausel, Norway. 6 players has got 6 points: GM Johann Hjartarson (ISL), GM Rune Djurhuus (NOR), GM Helgi Olafsson (ISL), GM Ronen Har-Zvi (ISR), IM (GM) Throstur Thorhallsson (ISL) and Tiger Hillarp Persson (SVE). No. 1 seed GM Simen Agdestein (NOR) has 5,5 points together with GM Hannes Stefansson (ISL), GM Einar Gausel (NOR) and GM Helgi A. Gretarsson (ISL).

(9.8.96) Three draws on the top boards in round 7 mean that leading group is the same; Petursson, Stefansson, Djurhuus, Olafsson and Thorhallson are sharing first place with 5,5 out of 7 points. Seven players have got 5 points: Hjartarson, Gausel, Har-Zvi, Jansa, Østenstad, Øgaard and Hillarp-Persson.

In the games section I would like to draw your attention to two fine victories by Black in the games Peter H. Nielsen - Berge Østenstad and Jonathan Tisdall - Leif Øgaard.

(8.8.96) Iceland has got a new grandmaster! Just after the 6th round had started, Throstur Thorhallsson and Hannes H. Stefansson finished their game, and because Stefansson is 80 points higher rated, Thorhallsson earned the the last Elo point he needed. His Elo is now 2498.2, which means he has reached the 2500 barrier (after rounding off). Thorhallsson already has three GM norms. He is Iceland's 9th GM, if my memory serves me right.

Margeir Petursson beat Mikhail M. Ivanov and Helgi Olafsson beat Johann Hjartarson. Hadn't Helgi Ass Gretarsson lost a clearly better position against Rune Djurhuus (Norway), the Icelandic dominance would have been total. Petursson, Stefansson, Djurhuus, Olafsson and Thorhallson are sharing first place with 5 out of 6 points. GM Vlastimil Jansa (CZE) is the only player with 4,5 points after beating IM John P Wallace of Australia.

(7.8.96) After 5 rounds the tournament is looking like a national Icelandic championship! Hannes Stefansson beat Rune Djurhuus and Throstur Thorhallsson beat Peter Heine Nielsen and they are now sharing first place with 4,5/5 points. Thorhallsson (2480), who has already three GM-norms, must be very close to 2500 now, which would mean that Iceland gets another GM. Margeir Petursson, Johann Hjartarson, Rune Djurhuus, Helgi Olafsson, Helgi A. Gretarsson and Mikhail M. Ivanov share third place with 4 points. A disappointing tournament so far for the Norwegian GM's.

GM Simen Agdestein has taken his girlfriend and their five weeks old son with him, probably not a very wise decision if you want to have a good night's sleep before the game. Today Simen lost with the White pieces against IM John P. Wallace, Australia (2365). In that game there was an embarrassing episode: At move 39 Agdestein wrongly gave away the exchange in an equal position. He had obviously overlooked Black's reply (39...Rc3+). With only seconds left on the clock, Agdestein made his 40th move, but his flag had fallen when he pushed the clock. International Arbiter Otto Ibenfeldt, who has done a great job with the tournament so far, was watching the game, but before he could react, Wallace, who was also in severe time trouble, made his 40th move and quickly left the playing hall for a rest. Then Ibenfeldt duly stopped the clock and declared the game for over. But Agdestein argued that Black had made his 40th move before the clock was stopped, and Ibenfeldt, for reasons I don't know, let Agdestein play on. It all happened fast, and Ibenfeldt may be got a little uncertain when Agdestein didn't agree with the time forfeit. After the game Ibenfeldt was fair enough to admit that he had made the wrong decision. Fortunately the Australian managed to win the game anyway. (I didn't see the incident myself, but there were plenty of onlookers.)

(6.8.96) Round 4 saw lots of fighting chess. White won on the five first boards, but Black stroke back on board six and seven. Rune Djurhuus made an end to a +0=2-4 run against GM Jonathan Tisdall to take pole position in the tournament. The Norwegian GM's Simen Agdestein and Einar Gausel lost against the Helgi Ass Gretarsson and Throstur Thorhallsson from Iceland. The leading scores after 4 rounds:

(5.8.96) In round 3 there were two short draws on the two top boards and lots of expected wins for the higher rated players. Three players still have a perfect score: GM Jonathan Tisdall and GM Rune Djurhuus from Norway and GM Helgi Olafsson from Iceland.

(4.8.96) The second round was rather exciting:

(3.8.96) The first round saw no big surprises on the top boards. All 15 GMs won.

(3.8.96) The tournament started Saturday evening with 66 players, including 15 GMs and 5 IMs. Virtually all the best Norwegian and Icelandic players are participating. That is no surprise, since Arnold Eikrem had a specially good relation with the Icelandic chess people.


Cross Table

This is the final ranking given by the organizer. Ties seems to have been broken by first using Bucholtz (counting your opponents scores) without deleting the highest and the lowest score.
1.  GM Petursson, Margeir	ISL 2570 B+34 W+10 B=04 W+05 B=08 W+22 B=03 W+13 W=06  7.0  53.5
2.     Hillarp_Persson, Tiger	SWE 2400 B+50 W+07 B-15 W+17 B-22 W+25 B+12 W+20 B+13  7.0  47.5 (3rd IM-norm)
3.  GM Djurhuus, Rune		NOR 2505 B+49 W+42 B+17 W+15 B-13 W+08 W=01 B=06 B=05  6.5  51.0
4.  GM Har-Zvi, Ronen		ISR 2495 B+25 W+18 W=01 B-13 B=24 W+40 W+10 B+16 B=07  6.5  50.0 39.0
5.  GM Olafsson, Helgi		ISL 2500 W+26 B+31 W+39 B-01 W+21 W+07 B=13 B=09 W=03  6.5  50.0 39.0
6.  IM Thorhallsson, Throstur	ISL 2480 W+35 B=29 W+30 B+09 W+14 W=13 B=20 W=03 B=01  6.5  49.0
7.  GM Hjartarson, Johann	ISL 2565 W+36 B-02 W+32 B+41 W+16 B-05 W+23 B+21 W=04  6.5  48.5
8.  GM Gretarsson, Helgi A	ISL 2465 B+46 W+32 B=14 W+11 W=01 B-03 W=27 W+30 B+23  6.5  47.5
9.  GM Gausel, Einar		NOR 2520 B+59 W=28 B+24 W-06 B=10 W+42 B+22 W=05 B=11  6.0  46.5 37.0
10. GM Westerinen, Heikki	FIN 2430 W+52 B-01 W+47 B+39 W=09 W=15 B-04 B+26 W+20  6.0  46.5 36.0
11. GM Agdestein, Simen		NOR 2600 W+45 B=16 W+29 B-08 W-19 B+32 W+39 B+27 W=09  6.0  45.0
12. GM Rausis, Igors		LAT 2495 W+33 B-39 W+34 B=28 W+29 B=27 W-02 B+40 W+21  6.0  42.5
13. GM Stefansson, Hannes	ISL 2560 B+38 W+27 B=20 W+04 W+03 B=06 W=05 B-01 W-02  5.5  54.0
14. GM Nielsen, Peter Heine	DEN 2530 W+43 B+19 W=08 W+20 B-06 B=23 W-16 W=24 B+29  5.5  47.5 37.0
15. GM Tisdall, Jonathan	NOR 2515 W+47 B+41 W+02 B-03 W=23 B=10 W-21 B+28 W=16  5.5  47.5 36.5
16. IM Ostenstad, Berge		NOR 2465 B+55 W=11 B=28 W+42 B-07 W+24 B+14 W-04 B=15  5.5  47.0
17.    Gundersen, Helge	      NOR (2099) W+21 B+62 W-03 B-02 W-18 B+45 W=31 B+41 W+27  5.5  43.5
18.    Gabrielsen, Stig		NOR 2225 W+57 B-04 W+50 W-23 B+17 B-21 W+33 W+22 B=24  5.5  43.0
19. IM Wallace, John P		AUS 2365 B+58 W-14 B=25 W+62 B+11 W-20 B-29 W+44 B+30  5.5  40.0
20. GM Jansa, Vlastimil		CZE 2490 B+48 W+44 W=13 B-14 W+30 B+19 W=06 B-02 B-10  5.0  48.5
21. IM Ogaard, Leif		NOR 2435 B-17 W+37 B+49 W+44 B-05 W+18 B+15 W-07 B-12  5.0  48.0
22. GM Ivanov, Mikhail M	RUS 2465 W+54 B-30 W+38 B+31 W+02 B-01 W-09 B-18 W+43  5.0  46.5
23. IM Bator, Robert		SWE 2445 W-30 B+54 W+43 B+18 B=15 W=14 B-07 W+29 W-08  5.0  46.0
24.    Fossan, Erik		NOR 2360 W=62 B+40 W-09 B+33 W=04 B-16 W+43 B=14 W=18  5.0  44.0
25.    Trygstad, Kristian	NOR 2145 W-04 B+57 W=19 B=40 W+31 B-02 B-28 W+51 W+39  5.0  42.5
26.    Christenson, Flemming	NOR 2145 B-05 W+63 B-27 W+56 B=44 W=28 B+42 W-10 W+40  5.0  39.0
27.    Johansen, Terje		NOR 2375 W+60 B-13 W+26 B=30 W+28 W=12 B=08 W-11 B-17  4.5  46.5
28. FM Moen, Ole Christian	NOR 2270 W+53 B=09 W=16 W=12 B-27 B=26 W+25 W-15 B=36  4.5  45.5
29.    Leer-Salvesen, Bjarte	NOR 2220 B+61 W=06 B-11 W+51 B-12 W+44 W+19 B-23 W-14  4.5  45.0 35.5
30.    Bae, Torstein	      NOR (2037) B+23 W+22 B-06 W=27 B-20 W+59 W+41 B-08 W-19  4.5  45.0 35.5
31. FM Harestad, Thor Geir	NOR 2260 B+63 W-05 B+46 W-22 B-25 W+35 B=17 W=36 B=33  4.5  41.5
32.    Berg, Emanuel		SWE 2215 W+64 B-08 B-07 W=48 B+54 W-11 B+52 W=42 B=34  4.5  40.5
33.WFM Berntsen, Sheila B	NOR 2115 B-12 W=51 B+37 W-24 B=62 W+57 B-18 B+45 W=31  4.5  38.5 30.0
34.    Ofstad, Per		NOR 2200 W-01 B+52 B-12 W-35 B=55 W+63 B=48 W+50 W=32  4.5  38.5 29.5
35.    Berg, Bo			SWE 2090 B-06 W+61 B-42 B+34 W-40 B-31 W+57 W+59 B=37  4.5  37.0
36.    Backlund, Anders		SWE 2190 B-07 W-50 B+63 W+46 W=41 B-39 W+53 B=31 W=28  4.5  36.5
37.    Skare, Karl A	      NOR (1671) W=40 B-21 W-33 B-52 W+66 B+47 W+38 B=39 W=35  4.5  35.0 29.0
38.    Rørvik, Jon F		NOR 2180 W-13 B+60 B-22 W=54 B=51 W=52 B-37 W+58 W+56  4.5  35.0 26.5
39.    Brekke, Øystein		NOR 2220 B+51 W+12 B-05 W-10 B=58 W+36 B-11 W=37 B-25  4.0  45.0
40.    Henriksen, Geir Ivar	NOR 2235 B=37 W-24 B+55 W=25 B+35 B-04 W+50 W-12 B-26  4.0  43.5
41. FM Bjerke, Richard		NOR 2275 B+56 W-15 B+48 W-07 B=36 W+58 B-30 W-17 B=49  4.0  41.0
42.    Nordahl, Helge A		NOR 2255 W+66 B-03 W+35 B-16 W+53 B-09 W-26 B=32 W=47  4.0  40.5
43.    Harestad, Hans K		NOR 2175 B-14 W+58 B-23 B=50 W=52 W+51 B-24 W+48 B-22  4.0  38.0
44.    Hagesæther, Pål Vegard	NOR 2220 W+65 B-20 W+53 B-21 W=26 B-29 W+62 B-19 W=46  4.0  36.5
45.    Tonning, Erik		NOR 2205 B-11 W=55 B-51 W=57 B+46 W-17 B+58 W-33 B+59  4.0  36.0
46.    Jiretorn, Eva		SWE 2085 W-08 B+64 W-31 B-36 W-45 B=60 B+61 W+53 B=44  4.0  35.0
47.    Leosson, Torfi		ISL 2170 B-15 W+56 B-10 W-58 B=61 W-37 B+63 W+60 B=42  4.0  34.5
48.    Bokelmann, Joachim	GER 2095 W-20 B+65 W-41 B=32 W=50 B=62 W=34 B-43 W+57  4.0  32.5 26.0
49.    Richardson, Kevin D	ENG 2170 W-03 B+66 W-21 B-53 W+60 B-50 W=56 B+62 W=41  4.0  32.5 25.0
50.    Byklum, Bjørnar	      NOR (1984) W-02 B+36 B-18 W=43 B=48 W+49 B-40 B-34 W=54  3.5  41.0
51.    Ferkingstad, Sjur      NOR (1666) W-39 B=33 W+45 B-29 W=38 B-43 W+54 B-25 W=55  3.5  37.5
52.    Hill, David	     ENG (2000?) B-10 W-34 B=57 W+37 B=43 B=38 W-32 B-56 W+62  3.5  37.0
53.    Gaasland, Glenn	      NOR (1769) B-28 W+59 B-44 W+49 B-42 W=55 B-36 B-46 W+64  3.5  33.5
54.    Hansen, Torbjørn R	NOR 2080 B-22 W-23 B+66 B=38 W-32 W=61 B-51 W+63 B=50  3.5  32.0 26.0
55.    Getta, Markus		GER 2060 W-16 B=45 W-40 B=60 W=34 B=53 B-59 W+66 B=51  3.5  32.0 25.5
56.    Ådnøy, Hallvard	      NOR (1791) W-41 B-47 W+64 B-26 W-59 B+65 B=49 W+52 B-38  3.5  31.5
57.    Engbråten, Stein E     NOR (1666) B-18 W-25 W=52 B=45 W+64 B-33 B-35 W+65 B-48  3.0  34.5 27.5
58.    Edvardsen, Ragnar      NOR (1904) W-19 B-43 W+65 B+47 W=39 B-41 W-45 B-38 B=60  3.0  34.5 27.5
59.    Hellstrøm, Åke		SWE 2170 W-09 B-53 W-62 W+66 B+56 B-30 W+55 B-35 W-45  3.0  33.0
60.    Forberg, Anders	      NOR (1959) B-27 W-38 B=61 W=55 B-49 W=46 B+66 B-47 W=58  3.0  31.5
61.    Bakken, Øyvind	      NOR (1648) W-29 B-35 W=60 B=65 W=47 B=54 W-46 B=64 W=63  3.0  29.0
62.    Hersvik, Daniel	      NOR (1800) B=24 W-17 B+59 B-19 W=33 W=48 B-44 W-49 B-52  2.5
63.    Jensen, Morten	      NOR (1763) W-31 B-26 W-36 B=64 W+65 B-34 W-47 B-54 B=61  2.0  32.5
64.    Leidland, Jan P	      NOR (1492) B-32 W-46 B-56 W=63 B-57 B-66 W+65 W=61 B-53  2.0  26.0
65.    Nygård, Per	      NOR (1666) B-44 W-48 B-58 W=61 B-63 W-56 B-64 B-57 W+66  1.5
66.    Helin, Mikael	      SWE (1743) B-42 W-49 W-54 B-59 B-37 W+64 W-60 B-55 B-65  1.0

Playing Schedule

Time limits: 40/2 hours, then 20/1 hour, then 30 min. knockout.
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Updated 19. august 1996 by Rune Djurhuus.


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