Teaching 2010:

  1.    INF3110 (ML-part)

Looking for a thesis topic?

  1. Safer Refactorings

  2. DTrace and Runtime Verification

Adjunct Research Fellow at the United Nations University  International Institute for Software Technology (UNU-IIST); Principal Investigator of the Applied Runtime Verification project in the rCOS group.


Dr. Volker Stolz

Post-Doc, Precise Modeling and Analysis (PMA)

Research interests:

  1. Formal methods

  2. Functional and Logic Programming

  3. Aspect-Oriented Programming

  4. Program Analysis and Transformation

  5. Programming Languages

  6. Runtime Verification


Email: stolz@ifi.uio.no

University of Oslo

Dept. of Informatics

P.O.Box 1080 Blindern

N-0316 Oslo

Visiting Address:

Forskningsparken #41.150