Independent WWW resources related to Ayn Rand


The Objectivist Center (formerly known as The Institute for Objectivist Studies)

The Jefferson School of Philosophy, Economics and Psychology

CIAO (California Institute for Applied Objectivism)


Full Context (an international Objectivist publication)

Objectivity (a journal on philosophy informed by modern science)

Aristos (a journal on the arts)

Monadnock Review (joy, reason and meaning in the arts, philosophy and life)

Final Cause (a periodical "dedicated to the arts and the intellect")


Objectivism at Forums for the discussion of Objectivism

Enlightenment - dedicated to the advancement of Objectivist scholars and scholarship, and supplying online research resources such as dissertations, theses, and other academic treatises (an online archive)

Applied Objectivism (a collection of articles and addresses)

Apollo's Soapbox (a web site for "applied esthetics")

The John Galt Line Dictionary

Objectivist online discussion groups

The Objectivist Ring

Objectivity Online (An Objectivist community website)

The Monadnock virtual community

Radicals for Happiness

Living Resources Psychotherapy Center



Chris Sciabarra's website

Dialectics and Objectivism

The Dual Foundationalist (Metaphysics and epistemology)

Tibor Machan's essays

Nathaniel Branden

Daniel Ust

Ari Armstrong's web page

Eyal Mozes on Objectivism

Barbara Branden

Feminist Interpretations of Ayn Rand


The OLDFOP web site
(Barbara Branden and Robert Hessen's defense against Peikoff's law suit)

Objectivists' hidden agenda a Klan mentality
(Article by Rebecca Stambanis in the digital Collegian, April 19 1996)

Dick Jones on Objectivism