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SRE - Squeak Reverse Engineering

SRE (Squeak Reverse Engineering) consists of three tools making existing Squeak objects visible and tangible:

  1. The SRE Execution Tracer dumps a snapshot of the stack on the Transcript.
  2. The SRE Object Inspector gives me a snapshot of a single object with its identity, state, and behavior. I can edit its state as in a Squeak Inspector and its behavior as in a class Browser. The class hierarchy is flattened so that I see the object as it appears at runtime.
  3. The SRE Context Browser lets me diagram the instantaneous structure of selected objects. With this tool, I find that I can master larger and more complex systems than I could without it

Taken together, these tools put me in closer contact with the objects as they exist in the system, thereby giving me a better understanding of the system as it is.

The tools have been implemented in Squeak3.10.2 and are being ported to other versions.
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SRE user manual