A Tcl Graphical User Interface

This web page is maintained by Xing Cai.

A graphical user interface based on a Tcl-script has been written for visualizing VTK data files, which are filtered from Diffpack simulation results. Currently, two VTK data formats are supported, namely VTK_STRUCTURED_GRID and VTK_UNSTRUCTURED_GRID. Several standard functionalities are already included, such as
Surface plot of a 3D scalar field, minimum and maximum values of the color lookup table can be adjusted freely.

Isosurfaces of a 3D scalar field, the user can specify the number of contour curves or isosurfaces.


An arbitrary slice plane through the 3D volume, where the origin and orientation of the slice plane can be adjusted.


Plot of a vector field, different colors are used to indicate different sizes of the magnitude. The user can also adjust the length of the arrows (Vector-scale).

Plot of a 2D scalar field, where the scaling in the z-direction is controlled by the field values (Z-scale).

Extraction of part of the data field.


This web page is still under construction...