If you are interested in a Master topic related to my teaching and research interests, feel free to contact me (or my colleagues) to discuss possibilities. I typically don't have the energy to type-up all imaginable interesting topics on the ``open theses'' page, so chances are that when discussing the field, one may be able to find something fitting. It's also not forbidden to propose a topic of interest by yourself, and one can discuss suitability.

Running or completed theses (since ca. 2014)

Automatic Refactoring of Rust Programs (working title) Per Ove Ringdal
Synthesis of correctly synchronized concurrent programs (working title) Stein Elgethun
Verifying the Sainte Laguë algorithm for seat allocation in Norwegian elections (working title) Per Ove Ringdal
Concurrent Kleene Algebras with Domains (working title) Ratan Bahadur Thapar
A Non-Sculpting Theorem in Non-Interleaving Models for Concurrency Christopher A. Trotter
Automatic Parallelization of Go programs (working title) Morten Fliflet Johannessen
Type providers for Rust (working title) Araz Abishov
PHPWander: A Static Vulnerability Analysis Tool for PHP Pavel Jurasek
A Comparative Evaluation of the New C++ Standard (working title) Tor Husabø
Scalable and concurrent flow analysis for Go (working title) Andreas Fladstad
Advanced tooling for Rust (working title) (cf. also announcement ) Eric Vesteraas
A Survey of JavaScript Features (cf. also thesis abstract ) Olaf Aarseth Berge
Data flow analysis in Go (cf. also the Gotcha implementation) Anna-Katharina Wickert (TU Darmstadt, advisory supervision)
Analysis of the Go memory model (cf. also announcement ) Stian Valle
Collaborative editing in emacs (cf. also announcement ) Lars Tveito
Verification tool for concurrenct software (cf. also announcement ) Christian Bergum Bergersen
Development of a PLC analyzer (cf. also announcement ) Altin Qeriqi
Safer refactorings (cf. also announcement ) Joakim Kristiansen
DTrace and runtime verification (cf. also announcement ) Carl Martin Rosenberg