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October 2010: new technical report Nr. 402 ``Safe Locking for Multi-Threaded Java'' (being updated January/February 2011)
August 2011: paper about Design issues in concurrent object-oriented languages and observability (to appear in the IEEE proceedings of KSE'11 )
June 2011: Sumo'11
August 2011: TASE'11
August 2011: FCT 2011
June 2011: Discotec 2011, Fmoods/Forte
April 2011: new technical report Nr. 409 ``Observable interface behavior and inheritance''
March 2011: new technical report Nr. 404 ``Deadlock Checking by a Behavioral Effect System for Lock Handling''
February 2011: paper about Safe locking (to appear in FSEN'11)
October 2010: visit to KSE, Nancy (iFM2010), Bologna, and Aachen
8 July 2010: Safe Typing for Transactional vs. Lock-Based Concurrency accepted for KSE 2010
1 July 2010: ``Safe commits'' accepted for iFM
May 2010: Mentor for Ph.D and master students at ATE (Alumni of the Technical University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
9.-13. May 2010: visit to Amsterdam
3. May 2010: Talk at FM seminar, Oslo (Observability & inheritance)
April 2010: visit to RWTH, Aachen Germany
March 2010: Talk at TU Graz, plus opponent at the defense of Rudi Schlatte at the TU Graz
March 2010: Talk at MBT'10, Cyprus
March 2010: Final review of Credo, Brussels.
March 2010: Course on basic pedagogics competence completed (finally).
Nov 2009: Fmoods/Forte
Aug. 2009: Semester starts, Algorithms & data structures
June 2009: New positions (Ph.D + Postdocs) at our group PMA, see also here.
Web page for Distribed Computing Techniques is up
Sept. 2008: FP7 EU project HATS: (Highly Adaptable and Trustworthy Software using Formal Models)
17. 08. 2008: semester starts, this autumn I contribute to Inf4140 (models of parallelism)
23.08.2008: VAMP'09
1.08. 2008: APNOC'09 (International workshop on abstractions for Petri nets and other models of concurrency)
15.7.2008: HATS project accepted.
3.6.2008: DisCoTec'08 starts
21. 1. 2008: Semester starts, this spring I offer Inf5906 (static analysis)
3. resp. 21. December 2007: the project ``Automated validation for behavioral interfaces of asynchronous active objects'' (Avabi) within the DAAD- NFR PPP programme for person exchange between Norway and Germany has been accepted.
DisCoTec'08 preparation and publicity starts rolling
February 2007: I defended my habilitation thesis at the University of Kiel

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